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Watch out, a million dollar storm is brewing

Step into the eye of the perfect storm at 888poker! With millions of dollars for the taking, this mind-blowing promo is flooded with prizes everywhere you turn. THE HIGHLIGHTS: $1M Giveaway: Win BLAST tickets, seats to our $1M Main Event and cold, hard cash $1M Millions Superstorm Main Event: Win a share of $1,000,000 GTD. Buy-in: $100 $1M BLAST: Your chance to get struck by a $1,0[...]   Read more » Watch out, a million dollar storm is brewing

Watch out, a million dollar storm is brewing  0   
maybe players will play more of this tournaments and freerolls,when lot of people are at home and cant do anything outside!so from normal play on this games,bets or casino you get tickets and then you can earn much more!just depend how many players play at 888 poker site in this time!

888poker continues the great offers and promotions for their players.
Another chance for the players to win money, with low buy ins to big games.
Also with the chance to win tickets in their spin game which is free.
The good thing with this site.
Every promotion they are running, gives the chance to the players to win
with freerolls and free tickets.

I played for a while in this promotion and i missed the opportunity to win somenthig good for me. I didn't resist to play more, because 888 poker it became for me a barrier, to my purpose to make money. I don't know what results you have, but i'm not excited about it and for you i say good luck guys.

Yes Mober, 888poker is the best poker´s room at this moment! Especialy for me and the plaers who are trying to learn and make some bankroll with the freerolls and the free satellites! No one have the numbers of free tournament than 888poker have, if you add up the normal daily $ 200 freeroll, the superstorm tickets of the wheel, the restricted (like BRM), and the pker club, you have a lot of daily free tourney!

Play in this 888 site just few months and see that they really have many interesting promotions and freerolls like that wheel , with sportbet promotion to livebet from 1$ or more... can get ticket to 2000$ tournament daily etc. Now there is not so many events but can found some...
It's really number 1 with those promotions for players , they understand how can keep players stay in this site , hope they keep going like now Thumbs Up

so main reason from all of you,that 888 poker is best site,is that they have lot of freerolls and some other promotions?hm,that doesnt mean that they are best!when you see what kind of tournaments and software they have,not to talk about problems with software,party poker and poker stars are much better then them!I dont say that they are not good for all of you that play at 888 poker,just say that freerolls are not some reason to say that they are best site for poker players!

Don't know what maragatero mean about best poker room ... I say only about promotions what they have and it's not only reason to stay site.
If look that software what 888 have , yes it's very poor , look almost funny for todays programs and have much problems and it's not sometimes it's almost every time when play that site , with poker stars software never had problems , all players found site where they like to play....

when you have such a old software,as you say its very poor for todays world,lot of problems with connecting,so they are not best poker rooms!just because they have lot of freerolls and some free spin on wheel,isnt something that will put them on top of list!you cant have software in 2020,like its 1995!

Is it so new ? 1995 Smile yes software looks like it made in that century and it's very difficult to understand why they no have thinks to update it...
Send few mails to support and try to ask about update but have answer only blaa blaa and always
If have problems it's about internet connection etc. So this program with " amazing graphics "
is fine as they say.

I remember you tha the software of 888poker was updated no more than a year ago. But I don´t want to fight for his honor, it´s kind of boring and I don't want to start that fight. What I said, and I repeat, is that FOR ME it is the best poker room. And I say this because, as I have already commented hundreds of times, I play almost exclusively freerolls. So, obviously, the faithful of my balance is set on that subject

Several players in my country were lucky at a blast promotion. They won nice money but i couldn't make more than $ 30 at this game. I don't know what to believe, but ugly cards for me were the most horrible and that is the main reason for my trust in poker rooms.

Hello,i couldn't make a deeper run, but i'm glad i made it this far ... wished to get further but ... for the last hour i only tried to survive, since no cards for me. I was BB with 8 BB left, got J8s, some1 raised pre-flop 2 BB, so i call, flop QJ4, he bet 1 BB and i go all-in with 6 BB , he calls and show KK. Turn 4, River A. So i got out 161th place for $961.97. Probably i should have waited for the next pay jump, $107 more.
But overall this is 100% profit, since i got the $100 ticket from freeroll, and then in the very first Day 1, with 2018 players, i got into Day 2. Worship
Any1 else played this?

Rly loved the promotion this year on 888poker, i hope they make more.

Have a nice day / night and GL.

You win $30 in the 888poker Superstorm Blast freeroll CALICUL? So, you win a ticket (one of the 600 for each tournament), and then you play a Blast of $5, and the multiplier droped in $30 (strange) and you won to others two guy? Lucky man! I play it several times (the wheel hates me), and I never could win there. I´m sorry for that because the cheap prize was $200!!

I speak in general. There were other promotions where you could make money and i saw Romanian players who have won hundreds of dollars or even few k ( Maximum 3000 dollars ). They played blast of $1 until $100. It has nothing to do with the ticket at the 600 ticket x $ 5 freeroll.

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