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2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Postponed until Next Year over Coronavirus Concerns

The much anticipated global competition is the biggest sporting event to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic Much to the dismay of thousands of athletes all over the world, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is yet another global major sporting event that has been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday March 24, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe officially announced that the Tokyo 2020[...]   Read more » 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Postponed until Next Year over Coronavirus Concerns

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2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Postponed until Next Year over Coronavirus Concerns  0   
even they didnt want to admit,now finally they changed decision yesterday and olympic games will be moved on next year,same as football euro!probably one of reasons was that australia and canada said that they will not send their people on games if they will be this year!after them we could expect that many countries will do same,so its better to stop right now everything!

This year will be remember like "the year that we spend locked up 'or' the suspended year '. All the activities are shutting down, and the matter is growing. The countries or organization who denied the mortal risk is disappearing, except for some stubborn and hardheaded, like Trump, Bolsonaro, and...CALICUL! hahahaha I wish that this wave of terror and stillness is just a bad dream in 2021!

It should make things a lot easier now, because some countries, they talk about discovering the vaccine against COVID 19. I hope this thing is true and very useful, because even if it is not a powerful virus, it disturbs almost the entire planet. We will see.

This is really very sad to me , one more major athletic or sport event to be cancelled or be postponed . I had hoped that they wouldn't make such a decision, unfortunatelly they did . If there could be any chance , any possibility for great sport events such as this to be run and played , even without spectators , only the necessary people in the stadium/field , that would be awesome . Everyone really needs to have some fun , especially with sports events , these home isolation times we live because of this virus . All these cancellations contribute to an even worse psychology and mood . At least the Euro , they should have been able to schedule it and let it happen without
spectators and problems , imo.....

Well, the covid19 news are more credibles, don´t you think? There are only foolish governments left making bad decisions that affect our amusement. But the black shadow of the possibility of dying obscures our smiles. Perhaps, in a few days we will be grateful with the clever Presidents who take critical desition, privileging people over material interests...who knows!

I don't think so and they restrict human liberties. They want to implant a world dictatorship from the point of view of some people and the same thing i believe. Several days have passed and i do not understand what the US Army search in Europe. Very ugly and many competitions have been postponed.

The Olympics is the greatest celebration for sports , for the athletic spirit , the healthy competition between athletes from all countries in all over the world to achieve the best performance and the gold position . Was it an absolute necessity to postpone it ? I don't know .

Until the 25/7 many things might happen , maybe a decrease in daily deaths and infections , maybe this virus outbreak in these 4 months stops being so infectious and transmittive .

4 months until the day 0 , 3 months period until the 27/6 , one month before the start of the Olympics , to see safely the development of the virus worldwide , why the rush to take such a decision so early ???

antonis321 you probably dont know how things work in sports or for olympic games!do you know how many athletes are didnt qualified for this olympic games and how many of them dont have time for training now?so there will be no time to qualify and train,so this cant be fair for everybody!especially now when some countries dont want to send their athletes in japan!

The New World Order with politicians are guilty of this coronavirus and because of that: the lives of hundreds of millions of people it was badly affected. We cannot hope for something good, because plans of these nullities who rule this world cannot be stopped, unless people come together against them.

Posted by dule-vu:
antonis321 you probably dont know how things work in sports or for olympic games!do you know how many athletes are didnt qualified for this olympic games and how many of them dont have time for training now?so there will be no time to qualify and train,so this cant be fair for everybody!especially now when some countries dont want to send their athletes in japan!

Maybe I don't know Smile I just say what I would love to see these days of restrictions and isolation , the Olympics or Euro2020 are definetely some of these events . You know , that would show us that life goes on in the society without total FEAR or PANIC , most of all we would have some more fun with these sport events . Football leagues' game are postponed , their future is unknown , so many cancellations , NBA issuspended .. Things aren't going so well . Anyway , if they could schedule some athletic events without funs and with the best protection for athletes , it would be cool . If it's impossible , for health or financial reasons , they should do what they must do ..... Smile

from our point now,ofcourse we would like to watch anything,any sport,no matter do we have fans or not,but it would be very strange ofcourse!with this kind of big competitions,its just big money there,countries invested lot of money,made stadiums and everything else and athletes just prepare for it,they will not have time!for olympic games you prepare for 4 years!

I read that there was great pressure when more countries wanted to postpone the Olympics games. Covid 19 put many fear in people and everything changed. The justice is on the side of the athletes because some of the players of Juventus have been infected with the COVID-19 virus: Daniele Rugani, Blaise Matuidi and Paulo Dybala. The risk is high and that's how it happened with this postponement.

Most of the athletes who participate in every Olympics , the rest of the time/months/years compete in their country , local region or continental races , games , athletic competitions and events .
But the Olympics is the geatest event of all 4 years for them , the worldwide sport event for which the prepare to give their best performance and result for 4 years , if they win the gold they will have fame for ever , new or more/far more sponsors and income , respect in their countries and not only . All other events in which they participate are far subordinate .
Few athletes have only very few and unimportant other major events to participate (because their sport is infamous or whatever) between the summer or winter Olympics .

So the postponement of the Olympics hurt so much these athletes , it's not sure they will have the same performance or that they will be fine and healthy next year , also they get older , some might not be able to participate at all because of age ....

Other atletes in famous sports with high or very high income , like soccer or basketball players don't worry so much or don't care at all for this postponement , the Olympics is subordinate to everything else they do and not important for their income , maybe the Olympics is just a chore they wish they didn't have to do ... They only care for their league games , waiting eagerly for them to start again .

While stressing it for no reason. Especially in this section, you cant say,
everything is ok today and tomorrow we are back, participating in the olympics.
I bet everyt athlete has missed already an important part of their training.
How many of the athletes can exercise in full in the safety of their home?
For sure, not the swimmers Smile

Posted by antonis321:
like soccer or basketball players

ha,ha,cant stop laughing how you call football-soccer,like you are from america Big Smile ,even we know how crazy football history your country have and what clubs and fans can make,especially fans!
but you are right about football and basketball players,they will not care so much,as will atheltes who are in "small" sports and dont earn so much money!

dule-vu , I use the word football almost always , but sometimes I use the word soccer , not many times but yes , sometimes . Americans use most of the times this word ?? I didn't know it Smile

Yes , '' fans '' here , if you can call most of them fans and not hooligans Blink , are very crazy and aggressive , you might go to a stadium just to see a match , and leave with your head broken or get beaten lol . They might cause troubles also in european leagues matches , such as the champions league , although the punishment there is severe for this kind of behavior (in the stadium , cause outside they dgaf , even if sb dies ....) . Some of these ''fans'' are really very dangerour , yet they and their ''clubs'' enjoy the protection of the state for many reasons .... Anyway , this happens in many countries , but in Greece the problem is somehow bigger ......

If I go to a stadium nowadays , i want seats far away from these hysterical fans , just watch the macth and be safe Smile Ofcourse I am not a saint , when I was very young I did some things , very few and not of importance just for fun , but they are nothing and peanuts in comparison to what most fans , fanatics or even worse hooligans do Smile

Now football players wait for leagues to start again , I don't know in what physical condition all of them will be when all games start again Question .
Olympic postponement is devastating for most of these athletes who have been qualified to participate in this event . Time will show the real consequences of this decision to postpone this event for them and the Olympics ...

you didnt know that for them football is american football (like rugby) and soccer is our football?cant believe!
yeah,I know lot of things from greece football,especially about olympiakos,because they are brother club with my Red Star,also delije and gate7!
nobody cant prepare for next match or olympic games,when nobody know when it will start and you need at least one month to go back in shape!

No dule-vu , I didn't know Smile i thought football or soccer are words being used for this sport all over the world , in every country , the one word or the other Smile

You are right , Olympiacos and Red Star are brother clubs , whenever they play between them , their fans are together in the streets , the squares , in common marches , they are together . Ofcourse the victory is always the only outcome these teams seek for , when playing against each other , like always , like with eevry other team , but then the defeat might not be so painfull Smile
It's very good to see that such brother clubs exist in Europe or in the rest of the world , this friendship and proximity among fans from different countries , for one sport or all sports Smile

yeah,americans must be special,so they call football as their american football and soccer for normal football,that whole world know what is football!
yeah,lot of clubs from serbia are brother club with some club from russia and greece,same as fans!
as we can see who know will we watch any sport in next two or three months!

dule-vu , I find it very strang e, maybe rediculous , all the world to call this sport football and the Americans to call it socer , and use the word football for thei kind of Americn football , they should have cjosen another word . I also don't like America ''football'' , or rugby .....

So many cancellations and postponements of athletic events .

The leagues stop their games , their future is uncertain .

I registered in yesterday , I saw no events at all , only one two chinese if I remember correctly . Not only in football , but in other well known sportds . Football events today/this week ?? Belorussia , Nicaragua , and ofcourse ... Tajikistan Big Smile

Ful of esports and virtual or fantasy games nowadays . but no real sport event ..

I remember the past months/years , when I could open one of these sportbetting sites and see inumerable sport events , choices to bet , live streamings , now they are almost dead . Thanks God they have casino games or else they would starve , lol Also online poker . Smile added poker , although in the past it did.t have . But I saw only cash games !!!! no tournaments (or sngs or spins or whatever else ) !!! . '' Fast rake and take your money easily/fast , cause we don't have any or many profits by other means except for casino '' ?? Very strange , cause is part of , which has evrything else (tournaments , sngs ,also freerolls ) . Why they offer only cash games ?? I won't play for sure these '' cash games '', I don't like this kind of ''sneaky games'' with players and their deposits , F them . I 'll see in 15 days or one month if they add tournaments , or else I unregister and delete this page , password , everything from my chrome (and my pc ) ....

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