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Patrik Antonius shares Tips for Coronavirus Self Isolation

If you're living in a rooftop apartment nestled in the Principality of Monaco like Patrik Antonius, then isolating yourself in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is just a piece of cake. He posted in his Instagram account what he calls "Advice of the week: turn tough situation into a positive opportunity." "During this tough period of quarantine due to the fast spread of the coronavirus, I wa[...]   Read more » Patrik Antonius shares Tips for Coronavirus Self Isolation

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Yes dule-vu, you surely knows the theory of Elisabeth Kübler Ross abouts the five stages of the duel: denial, anger, negotiation, depression, acceptance. And those are not a linear and rigid process, but one jumps of one to another stage hast to come to the final acceptance. I think that many mobsters here are running this process, and some day all will be in the final (and safe) acceptance.

dule-vu . Admin can do whatever he justifies and thinks as right , to protect this forum , the Mobsters or forum visitors from fake news or exaggaretions , his decisions are always respected . But , in my humble opinion , I do not believe members have spammed all threads with the corona virus related beliefs or news or facts . Only the threads where the subject is clearly about this virus and its consequences (in poker generally , or live games , or what poker player think or do these coronavirus days , the impact on sports or athletic events , etc ) . There it is allowed imo , to talk about this virus .

Everyone in the world talks about it , all news 24/7 talk about it , if anytime it happens to talk about sth else , that would be the REAL NEWS Tongue

So , if we stopped talkng about it , ti would be as we try to live in our fantasy , unrealistic , fake world , utturly out of reality .

Ofcourse I would prefer if they talked less about it in the news , everywhere . But no talking about it at all ??? , when governments take so strict decisions for isolation restricting our freedom , when more and more people become hysterical about protection , when so many businesses or businessmen deal with so many problems , losses , damages , or even weakness to keep on going and earn their living , when everything is postponed , cancelled , more and more things , day by day , be restricted or prohibited ???? ... That would be far worse than spamming , if this spam actually takes place , even if it's being done on a large scale Smile


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My mother started with this Wim Hof ice bathes. Looked into it and read all the science research on the subject. Turns out his brother that don't do all that ice bathes and breathing had the same pulse like Wim. It's probably something genetic more than anything else.
But since scientists didn't find any has done by his methods I didn't start fighting about it with my mother

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BankrollMob Forum » News » Patrik Antonius shares Tips for Coronavirus Self Isolation

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