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Hey all,

I just got this notice when signing in today, figured I'd keep everyone up to date:

We’re simplifying the terms that apply to bonuses. The following changes will come into effect on 25.5.20:

The next wager you make will use your Cash Balance first, before using your Bonus Funds.
Only wagers made using your Bonus Funds will contribute to the applicable Bonus Wagering Requirements.

Please note that these changes will also apply to any active Bonus Funds in your bankroll received prior to 25.5.20.

Any remaining Bonus(es) & vouchers, such as: Free Play, Free Spins, Tournament Tickets, Free Bets etc. may be forfeited upon a withdrawal request, as indicated in “My Account”.

By continuing to play with us, you agree to the new terms that apply to bonuses under the user agreement, which includes the bonus policy and withdrawal policy.

Kind regards,


I guess that means until you lost the money you initially deposited you can't start working on clearing your deposit bonus. Which makes it pretty much useless if you're not a loosing player, no?

Also how would this make sense with deposit bonuses? You start with just your initial deposit only and need to work on wagering requirements to get the bonus released. If your cash deposit does not count towards wagering requirements how will it ever clear?

Not sure how this simplifies their policy, haha

The only other sensible interpretation I see would be if wagering requirements are used to determine withdrawal only and not bonus clearing but then the first problem still applies, winning players never get their bonus.

Am I reading this right? Confused

It is not a good idea because most players will go to other poker rooms. They need to work better on the tournaments they have and with promotions, bonuses and freeroll games to calculate them very good. In the end players and 888 to have an advantage each of them.

Those changes make maybe because they lost players already ? Maybe it helps to not paying bonuses but is it what players want see , think that one reason is that poker program where found much problems with connection as we write before...
If they want keep players they really should make big update for program.
Which way 888 want go...?
They will have quickly answer from players soon.

I definitely agree Calicul, in this case they may have a hard time competing with other poker sites with better offers. Perhaps not though I often got the opinion that 888 caters more to the casual player as opposed to the grinders and perhaps casual players are mostly not interested in reading T&Cs.

Not even sure how it can still be called a cash bonus at this point.

I read the new terms , the new rules about bonus earnings , on a message on their site . I have to say I still don't get what they really mean . Your wager starts with the cash money in your balance , this is understood . But the fact that only the use of the bonus money will be taken intop account for the bonus money wagering I don't get it ... This means you have to lose all your money besides the bonus money to be able to play only with the bonus money . Don't I get it right ?? That makes it impossible to wager it , and meaningless , why should sb lose all his money ?? lol .

Does this applicate in bonus $$ or bonus tickets , or also inthe freeroll money in the various 888poker freerolls ??? If that's only for the bonus money , I don't care , I don't find it important , but if it's also for the freerolls , ti couldn't be more serious !!!!! So I don't get it , that makes me not wanting to play some very expensive free tickets or bonus freerolls , the wagering for them is either impossible or way far too hard . I will stick to forums freerolls , the club's freerolls , the freebuys/freecents tourneys for tickets , the welcome freerolls for newcomers , everything else is out of my schedule for the time being , some very cheap freerolls until I find out the truth Smile

best thing is to ask live support and that they explain to you,especially if you will make deposit there with bonus option!if you will not do that,then you dont have to waste your time on it!but it would be strange for me that you need to lose cash money and then you can wager bonus money!probably they think that you will need to wager this cash money and then you will wager bonus money!but ask them!

Well bonus money is not my concern , it's their money offered to you completely for free , so even if they ask for special wagering conditions , even if these conditions are very tough to met , or even extremely hard if you play low stakes , it's rational , not something to be angry about imo . But if it's also fro freerolls winnings , the matter is serious cause many players play freerolls , and you have to say is it for all freerolls or only for the ones from 888poker ?? Personally I believe it's only for bonus money on casino games , bonus money for poker , bonus tickets , I don't believe it's for freerolls , but i am not 100% sure neither Blink So ,I will keep on playing their freerolls , not the blast tournaments tickets , but all the others , on the worst scenario , I don't have to lose anything cause they might distact the winnings from my poker cashier balance and pay the rest , I always play other games besides freerolls so it 's not a waste of time at all . I say it once again , I belieeve the bonus money doesn't include probably the freeroll winnings Smile

It's also important that the new terms will be imposed in 1 and a half month , that means there is plenty of time to wager existing bonus money that some players have already won , or some few bonuses in the near future , no need to worry if they don't like the new terms , or if they think that with the new terms they won't succeed the wagering Blink

Hello my fellow mobsters
Always a pleasure to returm do the forum these new rules are totally crazy when your bank goes to zero then the bonus money kick in seems to me not a very good situation but that what we got Thumbs Down Thumbs Down


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