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I hope i picked the right forum to launch this in. Just to ask first, is there some kind of universal poker game held just by Bankrollmob. I was wondering if there was where we can use our Mob points as chips and we play as like in a cash mode or a tournament mode where we can win more mob points back... not just use the mob points for get access to bigger prizes. This would be an excellent launch pad for the new player or a beginner poker player to gain skill or learn about he rules of the game. Of course to keep the experienced player from taking advantage of this we would need a set of stipulations and requirements in order to make sure the beginners have a fair level playing able, or have different entry levels. If it does exist please direct me to the latest site.

Hi Pistol Pad and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately there is no place where you can play poker for mob points directly. However you can use you mob points to play poker for real money which I would say is way better anyway Smile

Once you've earned $50 worth of Mob Points you can withdraw them to party poker for real cash. There are also BRM exclusive tournaments there pretty frequently.

Hope that helps

That would be an interesting format of poker game to me , exclusive games for BRM players with their mobpoints . Maybe we could have this here in BRM forum , besides some casino game slots that we already have and can try in the '' games slots '' submenu choice Smile

In some of the BRM freerolls which are for all BRM members , the number of players is very high . But if you create an account through BRM direct link , having read before the instructions of how to do it effectively , you can participate then in exclusive BRM tournaments , where the players' field is much too small , so your opportunities to win money is big , even for the beginners or not so good players like you say !!!

So no big need to create special games for mobpoints in sites , but if it happened IN THE BRM site , for fun , small csh games or sngs/small tournaments with mobpoints , for fun , that wouldn't be bad to me Smile

Anyway , I also think you can cashout mobpoints directly to PartyPoker and play with this money there whatever games you like , the ones with the biggest prizepools but with the smaller buyin , the sattelites with many tickets guaranted with very small buyin for Main events , during very big series of games that PartyPoker schedules every year , like PowerFest , KO series , etc .
Then you have the chance to maximise profits witht these mobpoints by BRM forum . Then , beginners have actual chances to hit a big win , no need for private kind of games between them (where the prizes would be far , way far too smaller Blink)

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