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Golden button challenge on Pokerstars  0   
I recently finished the golden button challenge on Pokerstars and got ... 4$!

Have anyone else finished this hard challenge and how much did you get? Took several hours for me.

Edited by Davoodoo (18 April 2020 @ 19:43 GMT)

Congrats , hope you manage to accomplish more challenges there and win more money or also take part in some of their leaderboad freerolls if you are good enough ,, or any other nice freeroll/promotion they have and win money Smile

Unfortunatelly I don't know what are the challenges on PokerStars , cause they are invisible and unaccessible for the Greek players . They take our money , they accept our deposits , but they don't allow us play their promotions , challenges , special freerolls . Not even streamers' freerolls , in the Veld Huis freeroll twice they didn't register me Sad

Anyway , good luck all BRM members anywhere you play Smile

Wow that sucks, so greek players dont participate in any promotions? How about other rakeback like chests? I mean you dont miss too much anyway i play there 2-3months since they are back on our market and promotions are almoar the same every month, juyr differwnt name and dont have luck eirh chests either. Anyway gl at tables.

Maragatero , I really hate this evrywhere , not only on Pokerstrs ,, but in eevry casino room or poker room , which from the one hand accepts my the players' deposits , but on the other hand it excludes the players from specific countries taking part in some promotions . This is 100% unfair . If you want players to have a specific betting behavior , by which you''ll be able to win big as a casino or pokerroom via the promotions , impose these rules , but do not exclude a whole country , because you say '' mopst players from this country have a specific aunwanted betting behavior , so why not , exclude them all , or even worse ban the country from our casino or pokerroom !!!! Unwanted behavior might be that they don't bet too much , they don't risk losing too much , they make the best of promotions for free money , or they want tp play mainly freerolls , or other unwanted behavior Smile

Pokerstars has excluded Greek Players from almost all promotions , only sportsbetting we have rarely some options, but who GAF for sportsbetting on Pokerstars , it really sucks there .Their comlumn costs 0.25c , I can find with $0,20 or even better $0.10 per column . Also they don't have good betting options , when it comes to multiple betting options system , not just a paroli . In systems you cannot choose the options you want (in x games how many games will play in groups WITH THE STANDARS , REALLY SUCKS !!It should be a piece of cake in a sportsbetting online bookmaker , to see what you want to bet and choose the ones you want , on Pokerstars it's soconfusing , I hate it !!!! Who plays sportsbetting on PokerStars ?? Who is the sucker ?? I mean if it's paroli , it could be a good deal , but I don;t know the maximum payout , so I don't know for sure Smile)

If I play 5 games in aseries andwith 5 games i could play in a special freeroll , why am I forbidden to play it ?? Many times this has happened . If it's a streamers freeroll , for twitch watching hours , or whatever , if it's a pokerschool promotion , why can't I play it ?? I stop depositing there , I will not tolerate this behavior , to be able to deposit , to deposit sometimes indeed , but to be excluded by so many promotions because I am a GREEK .

FU PokerStars Smile You will never see a deposit from me again Smile

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