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2020 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas Postponed until Autumn

The organizers of the World Series of Poker has finally succumbed to the inevitable, postponing this year's largest, richest and most prestigious poker event in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, April 20, WSOP organizers announced that the 51st edition of the event originally scheduled to kick off on Tuesday, May 26 from the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is offi[...]   Read more » 2020 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas Postponed until Autumn

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Here in Argentina, the goverment said that they have a plan, and they showed to us yesterday. The situation have five stage. First: almost total isolation (90% of the people) when the contagions multiply every 3 days. Second: some activities are release of the isolation (75% of the people in their house) when the contagions multiply between 5 and 15 days. Thirth: the actual situation, the states governors decides if they can allow to the 50% of population return to activities, whith 15 to 25 days of multiply. The next, with the 75% of the peole free, and the contagion multiply in more than 25 days. And then, finally, the new normality!

If Italy , and especially Spain , are lifting up some of their restrictions , this says a lot to me about the governments' priorities , schedule , real decisions , what's really happening these days , these 3 months on the planet in reality . Any blind man can keep on believing everything he hears and be naive , no indulgences for noone else !!!!!!

You know... A joke being told once , twice , or thrice is ok... A joke being said 1.000 , 1.000.000 , times ceize to be a joke , it's just R tale . Let's get over with these joke-exaggerations , with this tragic comedy and start leaving normally again .

This virus statistics are manipulated , 200.000 deaths from this virus , despite successfully followed by every society isolation measures , this isolation is a big joke and prank by the wealthy people to everyone else .

1-2M deaths is normal in 1 or 2 years for normal influensa outbreak with death rate 0.1% , this so extremelly dangerous corona virus with 3% or 4% death rate has 200.000 (with very exaggerated statistics) in 5 months .LOL!!!! Old people should stay at home primarily , instead I see in the roads too many of them , more than young many times , also most of them without masks, is this a joke ?? 0-10 years NO DEATHS , 10-40 years old 0,2% death rate !!!!

Bbuuuutttttt .............. 60-70 yeard old 3.6% death rate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 70-80 years old 8% and 80 or ore years old 15% death rate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don''t have to be ainstain to figure out what this means . Old people should be in total lockdown , especially the retired more than 65 years old !!!!!! Seeing them walking on the streets , watching everyone suffer the same restrictions as them is inappropriate , completely crazy , they should be 100 or 1.000 times more restricted than anyone else , lol !!!!!

Anyway , this worlwide lockdown is a very bad example for the next decades or next generations . I know fascist regimes forbiding free movement in the past , but so much I don't believe there's an example in world's history , in the future the fascist regimes will have absolute power , we will not be able not even to have a sh** without getting their permission ,like sending ''sh** 1 "" sms code with Name , Surname , Address in an Government's sms number , like the one we have in Greece for this purpose : 13033 !!!! (LOL)

Not even in world wars or gass attacks this lockdown has never been seen .

So ..... the moral of the story ???
Always play and work for the most money , get all the money , get rich , cause times of crisis , war crisis , finacial cricis , seasonal/circumstancial srises , family crises , now health crises , in the future nuclear crises or terrorist crises or other kind of totalitarian bullsh*** crises willl be happening ON PURPOSE , so as for the poor to lose money they won last years and the system to be RESET .

Fake financial crisis with artificially extreme inflation rates have done the job for the rich and powerfull the last centuries , but now there's need for worldwide totalitarian measures , with absolute control , so as not in 3, 4, 5, 10 years , but in 5 months or 1 year!!! , and not 5-10 countries , but all the world at the same time , to have this reset in economy and hurt the weak in every society (the fake coordinated crisis in South Europe in the recent past is a very good example....) .

This virus crisis is just a test , the appetizer , the main dish will follow next years .
Plutocracy is absolutely powerfull and united worldwide these days , the head says , everyone else rich in the hierarchy follows , no need for much pressure or threats from the more rich to the less rich , from the sharks and whales to the less dominant species , in the same country or in other countries , absolute control over the lower classes and their wealth or property is a fact !!!

I´m trying to follow to you, with my translator in flame...You told about a lot of situation and I think that I´m agree with some of them. First: the covid 19 is a brutal diseas that is filling the earth with death. This disease was appear several month after the ex-president of the monetary fund international, Christine Lagarde, says that the old people is a problem to the economy and it is necessary to do something rapidly. I wish that the new normality may be better for all of us!

Maragatero my friend, what sources of information do you have when you hear about Coronavirus, because Covid 19 is not a brutal disease. Seasonal flu kills more people than this lie... More than that, the cause of death is passed with this, but they die of other diseases. This is a conspiracy to do something else...

today we have other news about things that we wouldnt see in next months or till autumn!first thing is that football league in france will not be played till september,so you can imagine how this will affect on everything!so I think that something like this will in other countries,even worse!also in italy again we have bigger number of people who have corona,no matter that in last days we had lower numbers!

The second wave is a big risk. Only if the health system could tune-up and gaves finally a bed and a respirator to all the patient that need it, the situation might be manageable. But some places like the North Italy, that had terrible situations with people dying in the corridors of the hospitals, might be in serious risk with a relaxing of the isolation

today I read news that in this moment america already have over 60000 dead people from corona virus,which is more then number of soldiers that america lost in vietnam!nobody know all things about this virus,so you cant tell me that everything is joke and that everything will be just fine in few weeks!

I think that nothing may be fine until we have a probed vaccine, especially to the oldies like me (and is worst to the older from 70+). All the governments are in a fight to have a health system in conditions to take care to every infected. But when it will be true, instead hasn´t a cure to the disease. So, I think that I will be in my house until almost a year...

Old people are in great danger , especially the ones that have preexisted bad health problems . These people need extra care and protection measures , also isolation . All the others should be carefull , with masks , but they are much less in danger , some like the young men are rarelly in danger , almost never .
But these precautions should also be used in normal influenza virus , which every year causes millions of deaths , didn't hear governments take any measures ever for it .
Anyway , maybe we should start behaving , starting now , like the Japanesse , when we are ill we should wear masks , not be afraid we might look like stupid , or stay at home and not go to work/see friends . That , won't be bad if it happens , but no exaggerations , which are always bad ,exagerations like complete isolation for all for too much time , these are crazy measures man !!!! . On the other side , my parents were always sending me to school when I was ill , even when I had chickenpox , and then I told teacher when he asked me what I was told to say , that I had food poisoning , lol Aww crap!

Stop believing in the official news. Don't be manipulated anymore. Do you really believe all the lies? I like things to be like before, we to enjoy of the pleasures of life, poker professionals of WSOP and the people of what they do. The truth will be found out soon.

antonis with normal flu,you know what can you do,you dont have to go to doctor to take something,you can just go buy something in pharmacy and to lie down,but with this corona you dont know what to do,you dont have vaccine,so its not same,no matter what numbers we have know!
so you cant allow that people just play poker of football,when things are not normal!

I´m agree with dule-vu, it´s not the same. And the better answer of "didn't hear governments take any measures ever for it", is because with the flu don´t need it! If we don´t respect to the science, that is saying that the only that the human being can do is the isolation, we can think that we can fly and then throw naked off a cliff. It makes the same sense!

We still have a little to wait until you find out the reality. The WSOP is still a victim of lies about covid 19. This war is also an economic and for power. I like if the culprits are charged and then put in jail. I couldn't accomplish anything this year, but i hope to do it after May 15th.

with normal flu you must have some symptom and you know that you are ill,but with this corona you dont need to have any symptom,but you can still have it!so its not same at all!now everything come in south america and they already have big problems as I see on tv!people dont have aynthing to eat!
in france they finished league,psg is champion,now lot of them will need to see what will be with their leagues!
WSOP is last thing that americans think of it and who care about it!

dule-vu , see the deaths by normal flu evry year , the deaths by normal flu pandemics when they happen and last for two years , then see this corona virus deaths , really it's not difficult at all to spot the differences ,see what's going on Blink

Anyway , we disagree in a civilised way , everyone has his opinions Smile

I really like the way WSOP officials and CEOs or men in charge , haldled all this thing , with no rush , waiting to see how things will go on , how this crisis will be escalated until they reach a decision on what they are going to do . Calm and logical way of thinking , not in panic , no the the style of '' Cancel everything at once , this lockdown must hold for two years or forever or whatever .....''''.
Some idiots men responsible for other casino events , sport events , culture events , etc were in so much rush to cancel their events . Complete R . Period .

In the situation where i was the marketing director at the WSOP, i was making this wonderful series to play online for this year. COVID 19 was an excuse and the professional players understood that. The decision does not belong to me but they want to earn money with hoteliers or others...

I have the feeling this corona virus saga is coming to an end worldwide , sooner or later . Great . Cause it really started making me very bored .

I mean , if this was a movie watching with friends , I would go straight to the bathroom of the cinema , with a magazine or my cellphone's ''movies'' collection , some tissues and lotion , then come back after 1 or 2 hours . Very boring science fiction plot , boring actors (goverment politicians and journalists ) , fake solidarity
heroes , like the good-willing-for-all-sacrifices-doctors (not good for a modern hero movie , much too fake Smile) , fake exaggerated scientific data and inaccuracy (the good science fiction movies have a great dose of reality or truths so as to seem real and convincing , lol ) ...
Such a movie would be nominated only for the Golden Raspberry Awards !!! LOL Big Smile

Soon live events everywhere will come back , and ofcourse in Las Vegas , the 80% reelected mayor of this city said some things , such as the need to reopen casinos in the near future , tottaly agree , there are ways for people to saty safe, in distance , protected , this totalitarian lockdown is not needed .

So , I believe WSOP will actually take place in the Automn , that's good news Smile

how can you say that will be soon over,when it just came in south america?!look on news how many people are on streets,fight with police,they dont have to eat anything!from brasil,peru,who know which country more!nobody know when everything will stop,but for sure they will not let that we have lot of poeple on one place!in lot of countries you will not have any concert this year!we dont know how will go on see this year and not to play poker in las vegas!

Eell , that's my belief, or at least my hope BlinkAlso Iam tired of this bull**** . All the world united against a virus , alright , cool , let me take the pop corn and a bottle of coca cola , let the show begin Smile Sometimes that's better even from Netflix aahahahahahha Big Smile
I will tell it once more , elder are in gravely danger , if you are really serious about this isolation , lockdown all old people (also younger with extreme health problems ) , let the young outside with masks (and gloves ???) . Solution is very simple , The old (50 or older ) who work , either work from home or work if it cannot be done othrwise with extreme precautions by then , and after work only HOME !!! All other solutions are crazy man , why do we all have to suffer when only very few are in danger ???

I understand that are too much news about this and whole days on tv we have just this things and ofcourse I had enough of it,but nobody cant say that there isnt anything with this virus!I cant wait that they open bars and everything,to go on football games,but who know when this will be!

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BankrollMob Forum » News » 2020 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas Postponed until Autumn

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