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2020 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas Postponed until Autumn

The organizers of the World Series of Poker has finally succumbed to the inevitable, postponing this year's largest, richest and most prestigious poker event in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, April 20, WSOP organizers announced that the 51st edition of the event originally scheduled to kick off on Tuesday, May 26 from the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is offi[...]   Read more » 2020 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas Postponed until Autumn

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I don´t know why some of us take it seriously and other think that it´s a fake news or something like that. I feel that might be that is forgetting the situation a couple of week before, when the disease are growing without any barrrier and the death was walking in all the world. At that time, I remember, all of us was taken it with more respect.

You are not familiar with information sites. There are many things that governments cannot hide so quickly. There are videos where people talk about this lie. I have explained to you several times how they proceed. Politicians have forced state and private institutions to lie about the coronavirus.


You don't need to know all the facts about illnesses , the virus and how many die from them every year , comparisons with normal influenza , comparisons with other illnesses or deseases , if the real cause of the dead by coronavirus is the virus or mostly PRE -existed health problem death rates or other statistic terms , you don't need a doctor or a scientist to inform you about it some medical knowledge ...
Only simple logic , only some basic human mentallity , knowledge of human phychology , knowledge of human lies , hypocrisy , deeper desires and missions to accomplish via fake words , fake muppet people , fake exagerrations , fake ''block-wars'' , like communists vs freeworld , sometimes even fake world wars with fake storyline and fake bad for the human being fascist leaders , lol...etc etc

Let's all sing in our balconies these days . Retardness knows no limits in life , undoubtfully .

I have total undersatnding when most powerfull men in the US or from other satellite to themcountries , use world wars , or local wars , or some army conflicts in some places/countries as battlefields as a show of power between strong , to see everyone what he's capable of , to restrain the resistance or desire to strike back by the less powerefull rich people .

Even if they don't use war , but just fake economic crises to destroy extremelly poor , weak , to make poor less poor and more dependent to rich to work for tem, to make bonds between rich stronger , the system stronger . Also when they use other measures to reset the system , control the poor , control or alter their psychology , level of aggressiveness , mentality , power , such as simple jail punishment , economical measures against you , fines . Also propaganda , fake system or completely fake antisystem , communit like of , political theories . The attempt to make one groupof people fight against the other , one man against the other , devide and conquer . The TV , the fake solidarity heroes , the fake religions , the fake history , the fake nations and boundaries (for rich there have never been boundaries in the history , only cat fight between them , lol Blink) etc etc etc .
Understanding because it's UNFORTUNATELLY normal for men to use anything to prevail , but at the same time pretend to the poorer and weaker the oppossite , that there are rules , there is morality , there are limits , there is some kind of solidarity etc... Ofcourse limits , rules , punishment only for/beteen the poor , lol rights are only for the strong/stronger .

Carrot and stick policy , for ever , everywhere ........

But use a virus to control people totalistically worldwide ???
Use a freaking virus ????
Come one man , give me a break .......
Couldn't you find sth better ??

What is next ??? Alien ivasion ???
Dangerous radioactivity from an asteroid close to earth ,that will last for 4-8-12 months ??
Ozone hole or CO2/CO fatal problems in the atmoshere ??
Mutated food poisoning ?? Mutated rats attack ?? Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles ??? Big Smile
A super anti-hero , villain or evil God attack on earth with super powers Big Smile ???lol
We will see in the next 1.000 years , lol

Everything is done for profit , people die due to extreme poverty , many eat like pigs and die by artery/heart/liver problems , so much food is being thrown to garbage in restaurants , houses , businesses , even army , priests eat like pigs but give pennies or crumbs to homeless , everywhere , too many of the fields are being cultivated for some not needed food or crap luxuries ,factories produce and manifacture useless for the basic needs luxurious things , they could produce so much more food but they don'rt , at the same time on the otherhand countless millions of people die due to extreme poverty , hunger , even without the most necessary to survive, like some fu*** bread . Ofcourse countless millions all these years didn't and still don't have not even the most basic healthcare , so many die from very simple illnesses , so many die helpless completely . Everything for money , unlimited power , fake multimillion or multibillion clinton like charities and donations , lies , wars in egoist show of power , not caring for millions of dead children or creepled children , without legs , without hands , scars on their body for all their life.... This is the mankind ...

And .....Suddenly everyone cares ......... for a virus..... A VIRUS !!!!........ A FUC***G VIRUS !!!!! If this is not for sb total HYPOCRISY, well , he's tottaly hypocrite himself , he can't judge his own kind ... I can't say anything else ... shouldn't ... and won't ....

wow antonis,you so much time and informations when you can make such a long posts every day Big Smile !dont know what to say,but its not that situation is just easy and that everything is big scam!I agree that we had enough of it and all of us want to have normal summer,but we dont know where end will be!

This is the lie of the millennium and because of that everything on this planet has been stopped. I'm sorry because i couldn't bet on sport matches and that i stayed home for a few months. This was not necessary and this is also true for all WSOP tournaments which are ''in the air'' now...

I thought that people who play Poker were a little better at math and could understand what exponential means and how dengerous it is. With all the world fighting still we have hundreds of thousands of deathes. could have been way way worse, as much as the big plagues of before the 20th century. I'm so glad we took the right measures here and hopefully are stepping out of this relativly okay.

And regarding the WSOP - Not sure that they could have poeple around the tables in this upcoming outumn. Even flights could be a problem from many countries, and the organization will be one hell of a headache. I think they should have just go online for one year - people would still play for the rings and it would have been much easier and profitable. They could have gone back to live games next year

Edited by roeish3 (07 May 2020 @ 18:49 GMT)

in my country bars,restaurants and everything will open on monday,but you will need to have space from 1,5 m between two tables and this sort of things,but still you will not have places where you can have lot of people on one place!soon we will have football games,but without fans,so same will be with live poker in other countries!you can expect that soon they will have this kind of events!

For WSOP great , huge tournaments I also don't know how it will be possible to played out , when some restrictions will still be in place , when things start to be normal step by step . For example , some cash games in some casinos can be played now , but only 4 max or 3max .

Tournaments with tables of 4 or 3 players plus the dealer would never end , lol. They would have a cap of players , meaning less guarsnteed prizes . And who is going to play them ?? Whoever buys the ticket first ?? Priority to the pros and well known whales with extended bankroll ??? Don't know ...At least for now .

you can imagine when they have main event adn in few days,they have more then 8000 players,ofcourse they play for day 1A,day 1B and so on,so they have 2000 or 3000 in same time and that is just too much,so probably they will close everything if situation dont stop till end of august!first to see europe and then rest of world!

All the games could be changed in that way. If they have to respect the distance in the table, as antonis321 said, you can forget of play in full ring. Or the table to keep in nine players with the correct distance maybe enormus! The cards have to be delt with a drone, would be very fun! But anyway, should be impossible to run a live tournament with thousand of players registered...

Organizers can always change tournaments, programs and other things. Next month is perfect for WSOP to get the chance & to run all games. I do not see this series as an impediment and i realize that anything is possible with a good ambition.

What is the status in Vegas these days? Are they suffering deaths in a serious way or is it just a danger of it to get worse and fast?
I think the maximum players you can sit at a table and keep the distance is for players which means double the tables and also a completely different game. Doing think they will go this way

WSOP is such a great event , it will be such a pity if it ends cancelled in the end , hope that in the Automn will actually take place , many want to earn their big payday or the payment for many years , especially many pros , want casinos live back .

I think the major , woman who reelected last time with 80% of the votes , tried to pursuade for the need to reopen casinos at ;as Vegas , but this backfired I thnk , didn't have any good result , Anyway , I believe in the near future some good news will come , isolation will stop , casino rooms will reopen , and everything will go back to normality , in Las Vegas , everywhere . Fo casinos , for opther busineses , for all the world , enough is enough ................................

hm,again we see some stupid posts,how wsop can be in next month and how they can make all games,even we talk for three pages that they say that everything is moved till autumn,but its question will be then also!so it would be good to know what is in text and not just to collect points and to read posts from other members!

Did you see the prototype of tables that are be testing to return to play poker live? I will try to upload a picture of that. It´s really uggly, but maybe safe! Anyway, I ever think that a normal poker´s table is too tight between the players. You have to do it like a seat in an airplane, touching the player's elbows next door. Is really uncomfortable to be there for a lot of hours!

Attached Images96243977_1334691253386791_2383775646066147328_n.jpg

for few months this will for sure be solution for players,that they can even play in casino!maybe its very stranbe,but on this way players will have chance to play without distance between them!till when this will be,we will see,but maybe even some big poker tournaments will be on this way!

I have heard of some restriciond being uplifted in Las Vegas , so maybe it's a matter of time untill evrything starts over again at the casinos , why not with the tournaments included ?? Smile

LoL maragatero , this picture of the poker table SmileIf I see such tables at the casinos , it would be very funny , totally uncomfortable for the players . And if it's 4 max it might be good , if we need more players at a table , like 6 or even 9 ?? We will need very big round tables , it will be hilarious Smile

My friend, you must to insist with satellites for live tournaments and maybe one day you will be able to qualify for a major tourney. Here a mobster who succeeded with this had the pleasure of visiting Bahamas ( i think... ). A great game with a lot of money. It's possible.

Yes, it maybe a solution and it change everything! (covid is menacing to do it with all the world) Today I saw a first test to a live tourney (I don´t remember, but I believe that was in Vegas). They show a normal table to full ring, with a glass (or plastic) courtain in all of its perimeter, and four players seated in each corner. This is an operative answer to my doubts!

Things go back to normal in a maximum of a few weeks and we can do many useful things for us. I can't predict what will happen in a few months, but we need to make money, because some are talking about a new world crisis. Good luck my friend.

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