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partypoker Latest Promo - SPINS Ultra

partypoker has created even more action this month of May, and it's the perfect game for players in a hurry! SPINS Ultra is a turbocharged version of SPINS, where faster blinds and shorter stacks accelerate the play. There's no hanging around; you'll be able to play more games in less time! SPINS Ultra vs SPINS: Faster blinds Shorter stacks So, take a spin now for the chance to turn $5[...]   Read more » partypoker Latest Promo - SPINS Ultra

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another version of spins poker games and another thing that party poker offer to player!for me this kind of fast games,with bigger blinds and everything else are not something strange,because people live very fast,even with corona virus and they just dont have time as they had 5 or 10 years ago!so this will have lot of players for sure!

This spin will be fascinating for who will win the grand prize, but it is also attractive for the rest of the players who dream of it. One million of dollars is a lot of money and this opportunity is incredible. I would like more games like these with more huge prizes.

I will definetelly try it !!!! I am very happy they brought this format of spin games on their platform , it was about time !!!
I like playing these games , this kind of spins , sometimes on another poker online room , now I am going to try it on also on Partypoker later . I play micros , only until I become better , build a bankroll , and start playing more of them and then level up stakes for more expensive spins Smile On the micros I have found some very loose players , if you have basic knowledge you can have winnings , especially if you play your A+ game when you hit the big multipliers or even the greatest with huge rewards , don't even need to say what you have to do if you hit the 10.000 or maximum multiplier !!!!!!!!!!!!!
But if you play recklessly , you will see they can give you bad beats , even when you hold premium hands , donk plays is on their list of favorable moves ....

But in more expensive spins I see players who know what they are doing , how to play ,they are tough , in stakes more than $10 I haven't tried , but I guess if 5$, 10$ have some crazy callers and sneaky players ,with their intelligent game , then higher stakes might have very dangerous sharks , extreme caution should be adviced by me , although I am just a fish , lol Smile

BankrollMob Forum » News » partypoker Latest Promo - SPINS Ultra

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