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Viktor ‘Isildur1' Blom secures Third SHRB Title at partypoker

partypoker, in partnership with Poker Central, has brought the high stakes NLHE tournament online for the first time ever, and big poker names like Viktor Blom are raking in the sweet money pots! Super High Roller Bowl Online Schedule: May 23 to June 1, 2020 High Roller Events: 28 Prize pool: $20 million guaranteed Buy-in: $10,000 - $100,000 The highly talented Swedish poker pro n[...]   Read more » Viktor ‘Isildur1' Blom secures Third SHRB Title at partypoker

Viktor ‘Isildur1' Blom secures Third SHRB Title at partypoker  0   
Plays like this prove more than anything that poker is a skill game and not a luck game. Can't see the same players banging so much winnings on the rolette for example.
Isildure1 is truly a great player that keeps winning for very long time. He had his ups and downs but truly is an amazing player.

He is a good player, no doubt about that.
And his accomplishment now, is over the top, winning three titles in one
tournament series.
But with three titles he has won, the total prize money is about 1.5 million.
Not that impressive money wise Smile

we didnt hear anything from him for few months,probably he didnt play a lot online and now on this high roller series he is just unstoppable!he won on three events which is crazy,but we all know what he can do on poker tables,no matter is it live or online!he already have over 1,5 million $ on his account from few events!

It's been a long time since i've heard of the Swedish player but now he won 3 tournaments and looks like a formidable player again. His good period was rarer after what he was no longer vip pokerstars but now he proves once again that he is Isildur1.

I remember, when he was rising star, when no one know who is Isildur1 on online poker...
It was 2011, almost 10 years ago!
I'm so old Sad

Well, I first heard of poker setting Kenny Rogers as the gambler on TV in the early 80s, so don't know about you but I'm definitely old.
It's funny how the five cards game looks so naive and unsophisticated in comparison to today's Texas Holdem. So little variations, unless you have cards in your sleeves obviously.

What stands out to me is they have identified Isaac Haxton as Canadian.

Haxton is an American.

Perhaps he is seeking Canadian citizenship, to escape Trump-america.

You are welcome to Canada Ike, just make sure you are paying for your share of Canadian taxes on your income.

probably he is doing that that he can play online poker and he moved in canada!we all know that you cant play form usa online poker and ofcourse he was in problems for years!on this way he can live close to america and to play online poker as much as he wish,so thats why he have canada by his name!

Well, I can do a better offer to that guy (I be lost: Haxton or Isildur?). Here in Argentina, have not to pay any taxes to play poker as a professional. Not special taxes to poker, only to his normal income. I could make some procedures and arrangements here to his radication. I only need a few free lesson of Texas Holdem...hahaha. And some nationalist fanatics could think in give to him a little flag to put in his stack!

Viktor Blom remains a formidable player, even though poker is not as wild as it was 10 years ago. I remember how much money was in online poker and what huge pots were won. Poker is played much more closely and professional players are more careful.

I don´t know CALICUL, do you think that in the past the amount of the prizes was more big than now? I think that now the poker have more in all of the categories: poker´s rooms, players, tournaments, prizes, etc. For that reason (more in all) I´m agree with you about the professionalism of the players and what hard was becoming the field to play now.

In the past, Full Tilt and Pokerstars had the biggest pots. There were hundreds of thousands players on both sites. Some players like Viktor Blom were so insistent that they ran a lot of money in every day. I have not seen in recent years for professionals to juggle money but in that period yes.

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