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Study shows Australians Spent 67% More Time on Online Gambling during Lockdown

Just like what any country would do to help its citizens in times of crisis, Australia has allocated funds to affected residents during the coronavirus pandemic. They gave social security recipients and pensioners a one-time payment of A$750 ($474) on the first week of April, in the hopes of boosting consumer spending. Indeed there was a definite spike in spending - most especially at online gam[...]   Read more » Study shows Australians Spent 67% More Time on Online Gambling during Lockdown

Study shows Australians Spent 67% More Time on Online Gambling during Lockdown  0   
well this is what we talking for months here on forum and for start of corona,that now all people will be online,no matter will they play casino or poker games,even those players who are not so much in gambling industry!there were no sports,people didnt work anything,they stayed at home and ofcourse they had lot of time for gambling!

This study , this survey in Australia doesn't add sth new in the conversation , about corona virus isolation measures' consequences in everyday life and spending habits . These are everywhere , in every country , more or less , the same , for most people , especially the ones who stayed away from their jobs for a very long time , their monthly salary was decresed significally , or even worse , lost their jobs permantly . So , yes ,, all these were expected , and would be a lot worse , if some of the measures weren't uplifted , if things hadn't gone recently better , allowing isolation restrictions to be uplifted somehow and some of them .

It had to be in this way, because their boredom is great and the heat is also to blame. The restriction with COVID 19 should have but this thing it didn't happen and sometimes it's different. The Australians didn't play too much, if they could do otherwise...

That study is not surprising, I guess, although 67% is pretty high.
I do agree with the worries about betting and alcohol - not a good combination.
Alcohol is good when you want to lower your inhibitions, but that is dangerous when you put your money on the line. Heard of too many people losing way more they intended because of alcohol. Should be right up there with the heavy machinery.

I dont think that this happened only in australia.
It must be a general phenomenon.
the same thing happened here.
All the addicts and hardcore players, turned to online gaming as much as they could.
How many were sneaking out of their houses with special permits, to just go and buy
a paysafe card Smile

Lol , this thing about the wine , that was one of the first things I noticed when the crisis began , and I was thinking : Are they afraid they are going to die or get illed , are they psychologically affected very much so they want to drink and forget , can't they stand this isolation , not being able to see people , interact with them on the streets/shops ?? Really , on the supermarkets , the firast days I was seeing so mayny buying wines (or alcohol generally) lol

It is true , many businesses have lost a lot on their revenue and profits , or even had no profit being forced to close , so totalitarian measure this was ...On the other hand , some other businesses saw their profits go skyhigh due to isolation , likethe delivery shops . Some businesses , facing the fear to close due to government decisoons , started delivering , so as to keep on operating , but yes , most of these businesses , cafeterias , tavernas , etc closed unfortunatelly .

The truth is that people in other countries have not rushed to play poker, but in Australia the situation was different because people had nothing to do, while they were locked in the house. Poker tournaments were not with many players.

now they are worried about everything and I am afraid that they will forbid everything to people!like that they care now more when people were at home for two or three months and they want to make restrictions with gambling and alcohol,so whats next?let people to do with their money whatever they want and if they want to drink for weekend for few times per week,especially after this situation,let them to do that!this world be so different if they start to forbid people everything!

People were afraid they're going to lose their jobs , or they had already lost them , or their income was very small . So they ate some of them on gambling , hoping for some extra profits , some income . Very bad decisions . Then money run out , isolations was less strict ,they stopped playing so much . The gambling behavior can be predicted and explained very easily , no research/survey is needed . And the other things are also predictable , when people are in stress and fear due to isolation and desolation , what do you expect them to do ...

The next restriction will be for manipulated people and for others who are frustrated. Australians were very lucky to be able to play because about a year ago or maybe more... they had online restrictions. It was a good thing in this period because they played more and that is ok.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Study shows Australians Spent 67% More Time on Online Gambling during Lockdown

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