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Promotion "Hi-LO" at partypoker casino  +1   
Rely on your intuition and win prizes every day!
Think you can correctly guess the cards?

From June 9 to 30, you will have the opportunity to do this every day!

Your opponent is a deck ...

Qualified players will be able to participate in HiLo games every day. ‘Beat the deck’ to win a random prize. Do not forget to register!

To do this, you need to guess whether the next dealt card will be higher or lower than the rank of your current card. If you correctly guess three cards in a row, you will win one of the following prizes in random order:

Casino No Deposit Bonus
Free casino spins
Casino Bonus Deposit
Play & Receive Casino Bonus
Cash bonus
No deposit bonus for board games
No deposit casino bonus for a specific game
No deposit bonus for slots
No Deposit Live Dealer Bonus
Free spins for making a deposit

Promotion Mechanics:

A Promotion (“Promotion” Blink will take place every day during the promotion period. ("Promotion Period" Blink.
This offer is not available in conjunction with other offers.
Eligible players are entitled to one (1) attempt to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower in the rank of the card currently displayed.
Players who correctly guess 3 cards in a row will win a prize.
Players who do not match 3 cards in a row will not win a prize.
An eligible player will be entitled to win one (1) prize per day during the promotion period, regardless of the number of accounts available.
If an eligible player activates the same prize two days in a row, he will only be able to get the prize on the second day if he accepted the prize on the first day before activating the prize on the second day.
An eligible player will be awarded with any of the above prizes in random order.

Not a bad promotion for the party poker grinders.
It has free spins and cash in the prizes too, and play and receive. This might be a system
where you win prizes as you rake maybe?
Although there is no mention, how can a player qualify for the promotion.
Cause it says qualified players. So there must be restrictions.

it was very hard to find this promotion at party poker software,because you cant find it on promotions section,but you must go on casino part of poker softare and there you will find this promo,then to click on it and again to click play now and then he will open it!
then you need to play and guess 3 high or low cards and you will get your prize!I did guess it,but got offer to make deposit of at least 30 e and then I will get 10 free spins!

this promotion isnt easy and for today I again had luck to guess all three cards,depend what you get,very high or very low cards,but on end again prize was same!again I got this offer to make deposit of at least 30 e and to get 10 free spins!this offer only works for 24 hours!would be nice to get something that can use right away!

after three days without normal prize,today I finally got something that I can use right away and correct pick on all three cards,I got 5 free spins on some age of gods slot,cant remember full name of it!but cant say that I had luck,got only 0,04 e from them!its good that I got something better,then just deposit offer!

I will give it a try . used to play these games on bwin site , hilo or other similar games with three choices or just two , to pick the right and win . Can't say I won sth big , but still some money back , with wagering form normal games , is always welcomed . But yes , most good prizes I got them from click cards , not by bonuses by these games Smile Also I got in the past some freeroll tickets , but I cannot win sth from them , or the freerolls from click cards or generally lol , eI think players , and specificallyfreroll players are a lot better than inthe past , and I am a lot worse in my games , LOL Smile

I think that in this game isnt important what cards you choose,that is fixed on time and that you will have win or lose,just depend what system choose!today I had good picks on first two cards and then on last I had to choose what card will be after 3!ofcourse everybody will choose high card and it was wrong,I got 2 and I lost it!so its not so easy to get prize!

last two days got normal prizes and something that I can use right away!first I got 5 free spins on some version of age of gods and didnt got much from it,few cents,cant remember!then tomorrow it was 1 e to use on spin and win slot,which wasnt bad,got some winnings,but didnt wager it!its 10 lines slot and you must get something,bonus or bigger hit to wager it!its need to be 10 x!

Not the first time that party poker organizes a promotion, where you have to bet 10x your winnings,
in order to clear the bonus. They couldnt give better multiplier i believe.
You have to win a considerable amount of money though, in order to be able and clear it,
even with this. It is easier to clear it, not a guarantee Smile

its just hard to get prize every day and for last two days I didnt even guessed three cards!yesterday I missed last card,even I had smaller card,he gave again small one and today I couldnt guess first one,he gave me seven and it was smaller one!so probably this have something with time that you open,not just to guess them!

I got normal prize yesterday and it was ofcourse after you guess all three cards!got 5 free spins on slot midnight wilds,which I never heard off and never played it,so it was strange it!just clicked it,but didnt know what I need to get!only I knewt that have 243 ways,so need symbols on spot on reels,but didnt got much,only 0,09 e!

in last days I just couldnt get any prize and now I for sure know thats isnt thing in what you will choose,its about time and its fixed!before today,three days in row I cant guess cards and what most important on two days I get 2,so ofcourse everybody would click on high card as I did and both times he gave me A and it was low!only card they is smaller then 2 and I get it!
today I got 1 e for live roulette play,but I lost it in one spin,because smallest bet is 0,50 and you need to wager it 10x!

I use this promotion every day,sometimes I have luck to guess all three cards,sometimes just cant,because system dont let me!yesterday I had luck to guess it and got 5 free spins on some slot,but from this spins I didnt got a single cent,so it wasnt good!will see what will get today!

three days in a row I guess all three cards and I get prize,but I cant anything normal,I get only deposit offer with deposit,to get bonus or to get free spins,which isnt something that is so good!its better to make normal deposit and to play any game that you want,then to play on slot that they choose and then need to wager that amount that I get!

three days in row he dont want to allow me to guess right cards and thats what I am talking about,that is question time of clicking,not what cards will you choose!for example,yesterday first card was A,so ofcourse next one is high and he gave me 2 and for third one ofcourse everyone would think that is hihg again,but he gave me A again and its miss!
today also after 2 he gave A and again without prize!

dule vu , he gave you first card A and then next card was 2 and it got your answer for right , that after Ace a high card will follow ??Ace is high or low , it should count the Ace as low or high , so every answer should be correct when an Ace comes , either you choose low or high , lol So maybe they shouldn't have the Ace on this game at all , LoL Smile

It is a funny promotion and game , you play and you might win a ticket for free , play and win your seat to compete for big money Smile

Btw , I playded today , King the 3rd card , I chose low ofcourse , an Ace came , it said I lost , lol

thats problems my friend,they count A as low card,not both,that they are low and high!so if you for example get 2 and after that you get A this will be low card and you will miss it!so thats why I say its hard to believe that its not fixed when you get in two days A after 2!
its about time of oppening,not what cards you will choose,same as on this casino promotion,where you need to pick world!its about time,not cards!


I play this game , on Bwin I win some tickets , but cannot get the most out of it, casue i cannot win ITM the greatest tickets final 6 or even the first prize , for real big money win , the same happens at the Night Poker League , sh**..... . But anyway , on bwin that i play it , it's a very good promotion , a funny one to accomplish every day . Also bwin and partypoker have many other promotions as well , always a pleasure plauing on their poker or casino Smile

for my country bwin is closed for long time,from last year I think,so cant use any of this promotions anymore,but I know that before they had same promotions as on party poker software or site,when they are same company,so at least you can have something from it and maybe you will win something!good luck Blink

Many attractions with multiple marketing strategies to attract a lot of customers and get the job done. I understand that everyone is looking for players, but if you do not offer them something generous to fight... will not have that success in this field.

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