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In order to both keep myself motivated and to keep track of my results I will start writing a blog here and I will update anytime I have played. When this is and how much varries grately due to me having a 1 month old baby at home along with a 3 year old. Also work is crazy now, due to the whole corona thing I'm basically working 120%+ every month.

Anyway, the format I will be playing is as follows:

$5 Buy-in ($4.78+0.22)
6-Max Turbo

Stats so far:

Day 1: Cashed 3 of 7
Day 2: Cashed 2 of 8
Day 3: Cashed 3 of 3

I did have a string of bad luck, varriance is a bitch sometimes. KK ran into AA, AK all-in pre-flop lost to A7, flopped a straight and got all-in but lost to a runner runner flush, flopped flush and all-in lost to runner runner full house, QQ with Q83 flop got me all-in against JJ who hit runner runner quads. Just a few examples of how varriance has struck me lately but that'll turn around eventually.

Games: 18 ($90)
Cashed: 8 ($76,48)
Profit: -$13,52

Break-even: 52,30%
Cashed: 44,44%

ROI: -15,02%
Hourly rate: -$3,00

Edited by erru9107 (31 August 2020 @ 06:46 GMT)

HI, how did you start to play these? Are this games still allive? I remember playing them years ago in ipoker just for leadearboards and rakeback. Not to much of a game, nit first levels, then push from the charts, attack nits and so on.But games were soft and rb great. How are those games today? Maybe ill give it i try just for day or two to get away from cash tables.

I mainly started to play these out of curiosity and I liked the format so I decided to keep playing them. They are quite easy to beat, very easy to multitable and if you play them correctly they can be very profitable and not as swingy as any other format.

As soon as you play $5+ buy-in there are a little bit more to it then what you say, but they are basically the same. It can get a little bit tight on the bubble and the majority of the games I don't cash in, I finish on the bubble so that's something I need to work on.

When it comes to rakeback, I can't say anything about that since my country decided to ban all types of bonuses so I can't get any reload bonus, no rakeback, no promotions, nothing. All of my profit need to come from actual winnings which kinda suck but nothing you can do about it really.

Itries the format , didn't like it at all , it's one of the two games that I dislike completely , the other one if the mix max game , I thonk this is how it's called , tried and never returned on it , lol . Even PLO I might play rarelly , but the previous games never .
If I were you I would try spins , especially flash edition , if you hit big multiplier you are goiing for th big score Smile
You don't have rakeback in your country , that's extremelly bad , cause rakeback is always something to count on for bankroll extension more wins , more opportunities . I guess with this kind of games , double or nothing , or even spins , you must go for the rakeback , then you can have profits , or else I do not know . I played spins , lost , but got two chests , tickets , some money back , that's very important for me Smile
if you have success keep on playing them , good luck for your games . Smile

Yeah rakeback would have been a huge part of my profit but now I have to rely on nothing but my actual winnings. I am profitable at these games so I'm gonna keep playing them. I would ideally like to play MTTs but I simply don't have the time for them at the moment. So these games are quite good for me timewise and since I'm making some profit long run it's worth it.

I've been playing spins and sure, if you hit big you can make a lot of money. But the thing is, you're extremely unlikely to hit that big so for me it's just not worth it.

When I hit the big multipliers , I cannot play good enough to win these prizes on the spin games , and this hurts a lot my game , I have to become better at it . MTTs you are right , they demand a lot of time , 7 , 8 , or more hours is a lot , and the frustration you get by being eliminated close to FT is great , especially by badbeats . Play at a pokerroom that gives you rakeback , it's very important part imo , in our games . Try vpn and play on a pokerroom that doesn't have problem with it

I've been thinking about using a VPN but then the issue will arise when I make a withdrawal since I would then have to pay taxes on all of my winnings so 30% would go out the window. And I don't have enough time to make it worth it for the small rakeback I would get. It would end up losing me money.

30% taxes ??? That's crazy , omg . You are playing micros or low limits , aren't you ??? So , 30% it's very much . Pokerstars pay taxes to my country every day , if the winnings are 100$ per day , and the tax rate is 20% . So if you win less than 100$ you pay no taxes Smile I do not know abou other poker rooms , but I believe they might have the same policy , they cannot tax every cent you win , let's say 1$ in a day , lol Smile Also 30% tax from the first 50-100$ seems very strange , maybe it's also lower in your country .

Ofcourse for higher winnings tax is higher , it might be 30% , who knows if they tax even more high bankroll and great winners players Smile That's why some players leave their country and play elsewhere , or they play somewhere , but they pay taxes somewhere else , lol

Ofcourse for me , this not a problem for now , but imagine to win $80.000 on a tournament , and government to take 30.000$ , I would love to punch one government guy , lol Smile

As long as I play in a poker room that has a swedish licens and don't give me any rb, bonuses or promos, I pay 0 taxes, no matter how big or small I win. However, if I play at any other room, there's a fixed 30% taxrate no matter how much you win.

So from a tax standpoint, what stakes I play doesn't matter at all, all that matters is if I play on a site with with a swedish licens or not.

Haven't been much play lately, life is getting in the way. But I've been working on getting a nice setup for a stream. All I need now to get started is to figure out a way to play some music without getting a copyright strike! I suppose I could kick things off right away but it would be kinda boring to watch to be honest. I' hoping to start running the stream sometime during next week!

Played 11 games today and I just can't catch a break. Getting bad beat after bad beat and having others at my table survive crazy all-ins all the time. I get all-in ones and get sucked out on. That's my reality at the tables right now! I know it's just a rut and that things will clear up eventually but it just sucks while it's lasting.

Of the 11 games played, I only managed to cash in 3 which is just crazy considdering I didn't really play that bad. Sure, made a few calls here and there that I maybe shouldn't have, but not enough to tip the scores this much.

Full stats will be shown tomorrow, I don't have my laptip turned on at the moment. But it's clearly in the red!

Unfortunately I might have to withdraw most of bankroll sometime soon. Me and my girlfriend are house hunting and my poker bankroll could increase the purchase amount by $20,000 which would be great and make a huge differens. If this is needed, it effectively stops my $5 buy-in gameplan and pushes me back down to the $1 level.

Hopefully this won't be needed tho but we'll see what happens! I'll keep you posted.

I've played a few more games as well. Sorry that it's not being updated here, I've had my hands full. Hopefully I can show my updated stats later on this evening.

And the downswing continues... I'm still not on tilt which is really good since I usually don't deal with these things too well. Last session I lost over $11 and I'm now more then 10 buy-ins down.

3 of the games I played I got sucked out on and for the odds I had when the cards where shown, I should have won at least 2 of those. Had I done that, I would have ended the day with a profit instead. Anyway, this has got to turn around soon cause I'm starting to get really frustrated with all these stupid bad beats all the f'ing time!

Games: 43 ($215)
Cashed: 17 ($162.52)
Profit: -$52.48

Break-even: 52,30%
Cashed: 39.53%

ROI: -24.41%
Hourly rate: -$6.51

Had another session this morning, downswing is still going strong. None of my important hands held up even tho I was ahead when the chips went in. Still just bleeding money away and it's not working for me. I've honestly been thinking that maybe I'm not equiped to play the $5's but I find it hard to believe that I could go from 63% ITM on the $2's down to 39% on the $5's due to nothing else then me not beating the level. Also, when I look back on my hands I do believe I'm making the correct calls and since my read on the other players are mostly accurate and I am ahead when the chips go in, I must be doing something right. Or am I just fooling myself?

Still, it doesn't really matter cause I'm gonna cashout most of the money I have on my account since I need it for a possible house purchase soon! If things go like I think, and hope, the house could be ours! But every little bit helps so I'm gonna make sure I have all the money I can ready for the deal!

This effectively means that I'm now going to drop down to the lowest possible buy-in, $1. Kinda sucks but if the downswing continues, at least I won't be losing as much in terms of cold hard cash.

My final results for the $5 games is as follows:

Games: 51 ($255)
Cashed: 20 ($191.20)
Profit: -$63.80

Break-even: 52,30%
Cashed: 39.22%

ROI: -25.02%
Hourly rate: -$6.67

On my next post, I will start my stats fresh from the beginning on the $1 level. Kinda sucks but if I get a house out of it, it's all good!

Edited by erru9107 (02 August 2020 @ 06:13 GMT)

Played 5 games on the $1's tonight. Downswing continues... I just can't seem to catch a break, there are absolutely nothing I can do. Just some examples from today, pre-flop. AK loses to AQ, QQ loses to 45, AQ loses to KQ, AJ loses to KJ, JJ runs into QQ, KK loses to 99 and finally when I was very short and blinds high I got dealt 66, got called by 88. And this doesn't even cover anything that happened that wasn't a pre-flop all-in!

I don't know, I'm not really tilting but I'm starting to lean a little bit... It will turn around eventually, but it just sucks to bleed away so much money on complete b******t...

Games: 5 ($5)
Cashed: 1 ($1.86)
Profit: -$3.14

Break-even: 53,76%
Cashed: 20.00%

ROI: -62.80%
Hourly rate: -$3.35

Posted by erru9107:
Unfortunately I might have to withdraw most of bankroll sometime soon. Me and my girlfriend are house hunting and my poker bankroll could increase the purchase amount by $20,000 which would be great and make a huge differens. If this is needed, it effectively stops my $5 buy-in gameplan and pushes me back down to the $1 level.

Hopefully this won't be needed tho but we'll see what happens! I'll keep you posted.

I've played a few more games as well. Sorry that it's not being updated here, I've had my hands full. Hopefully I can show my updated stats later on this evening.

20K is your bankroll.

I am fricken impressed.

A house is a good investment. May you both be very happy in it, for years to come.

Bankroll isn't anywhere near 20k! It's a little bit over 3k. Here in Sweden, you can pay 15% of the purchase amount and get a loan for the rest 85%. So withdrawing those 3k (which I've actually done) would represent 15% of those 20k.

If things work out like I hope, we'll have our new house in a couple of months! Only hoping there aren't that many people bidding on the house when that starts in a couple of weeks.

Good for you and for Sweden. It's on my 'places I'd like to visit' list.

3k is still impressive. My roll usually hovers between 0 and 20 bucks. If I get it up to 120, I withdraw 100 and play with the other 20.

After making these withdrawals, my bankroll is kinda low for me, just over 400. Just hoping my downswing stops soon so I can start making money again!

Well, I didn't get the house I wanted. The prices just went over the top and I didn't feel it was it to put that much strain on my economy. But since I'm seriously looking for a house, I'm actually gonna keep the money I took from my bankroll and use that in my house budget.

This effectively means that, for the time being, I'll be stuck at the $1 buy-ins. Not gonna see any huge profits here but I mainly just play for fun and when I eventually reach the next level, I'll take a shot at it.

Anyway, I haven't played for a few days, no time at all. But I'm hoping to get a smaller session in tonight!

Perhaps it was kismet that the bidding wars took that house beyond your budget. It wasn't the right house for you and the home you are meant to have, is out there, just waiting for you to find it.

Good luck with your games and your house hunt.

Edited by crankmuppet (08 August 2020 @ 09:51 GMT)

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