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I've started streaming my gameplay. Not sure if I'm allowed to state where or not but just look through different streaming platforms and search for me if you're interested.

My layout is kinda simple at the moment and I will try to improve it moving forward. I've figured out a way to play music on my stream without copyright strikes so that's good!

Currently I'm not using a mic but that's simply for practical reasons, might add that later on when I have a more permanent setup and layout.

It's difficult to give a schedual due to my family and work situation but I'm generally online between these hours:
6 am - 8 am
10 pm - 1 am
Timezone: GMT +2

These times aren't set in stone, just gives you an idea of when you can expect to see me.

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Nice to see a new streamer, why did you chose to stream? Maybe tell us about the games you play and what are you goals, so we can find you easier. Gl at the tables Thumbs Up Dollar

To be honest I don't really know why. Partly I believe that it's because if I have people watching, I'm less likely to lose focus and make bad plays. Keeps me on edge you know.

The games I play will be mainly Double or Nothing Sit and Go, 6-max, $5 buy-in. When it comes to goals I don't really know, just gonna take it as it comes and if I get a high enough bankroll I'll take a shot at the $10's. Idealy long run I would like to be able to play the $50's but that's a long long time in the future. $100's are available but from what I've seen, there aren't really anyone playing them.

At the moment, I'm really not looking at making a living from playing poker, I really love my job so as long as that's the case, poker is just gonna be for fun and some extra pocket money.

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