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Nevada Launches Contact Tracing App ‘COVID Trace'

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Posted on 27 August 2020 by "T".
This week, Nevada has launched a free contact tracing mobile phone app called COVID Trace, designed to notify users of possible exposure to the novel coronavirus. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) of Nevada has developed the app through a collaboration between Apple and Google. Similar apps have been released earlier in Alabama and Virginia. The app would be considered an incredi[...]   Read more » Nevada Launches Contact Tracing App ‘COVID Trace'

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now they will try on any way to prevent this and to stop virus,but they cant do much when they have such a big numbers of people with corona!we already talked in several threads that they will have big problems and that maybe they will close it again,when they dont care about people who play,only for people that work and this cant stop virus to come!you cant play poker and to take so many chips from hand to hand and to talk and everything on table,without mask!

This control of the population is thought by New World Order and politicians to subjugate humanity. Edward Snowden was right when he said this and we must take action. Covid is pretext on which all those guilty should be arrested.

its good that in any country that have this kind of app,you dont have law that every person need to have app on smartphone!dont know does this app help to people and how people react on it,but something they must do!las vegas will have big problems with corona in next months and they must stop somehow!

This app seems to be able to help people get notified when a positive COVID-19 person might be close to another person at a place , so as to take more precautions and be aware .

But on the other side.. Ofcourse this is viluntary , for the time being , but many things began on a voluntary basis , then became obligatory .
Also , I feel this might be too much , the personal info and data for illnesses , other data , they say it's all protected , no personal info is collected or saved , but still , it's a lot of power knowing so much , tracking your moves , sharing this toothers around you , technology helps towards this total control

These people are looking for something else not for Covid 19. They thermoscan the body to find what they need (i mean compatible people). I'm sorry that people live with their minds elsewhere but this reality is quite different.

antonis people dont like much this app,because even if this will help to them,they afraid that this app will tell to goverment everything about them and that it will follow them after everything finish,so thats why they dont want to install,even if this would help to find out who have corona from people that they see every day!

bueno si es asi como se menciona, es una buena iniciativa ya que vana ayudar a saber con mayor facilidad personas que tienen covid 19, es una buena aplicacion desde el punto de vista informatico. saludo

It won't take long and in a few years... they will turn us into robots as slaves. We will be something like a prototype, to see how much can prolong life. These people dream of living long and for that invest a lot of money, but do experiments on innocent people. Same with internet & situation is different here.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Nevada Launches Contact Tracing App ‘COVID Trace'

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