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Goodnight everyone. Well, as the title indicates, for you: which poker room is better today?
I'm coming back slowly, and I want to play some poker. In my country I can't play party poker or 888. If I can play on PS, but besides this room, what other site do you recommend?
I have to catch up with the reviews of all the sites, but if you can provide me with your opinions here, I will be grateful.
See you at the tables!

The best poker room where u have a chance to achieve something strong is Party P. because Pokerstars is starting to get annoying. I want to play somewhere where they appreciate customers and PP he does it. I wish you success there.

depend where you can play from your country and what kind of poker you like!when we know that you cant play on 888 site,then you dont have much choice,you can play on two biggest sites,party poker and poker stars!you have also other rooms,but if you dont have already account then register for free money on party poker!

That's right, unfortunately PS is not what it was before.
Unfortunately from my country I cannot play in Party, so I think I will end up dying in PP. Thanks Calicul
@ Dule-vu: Thanks too. You are right, there are not many options. I am testing Rounders Casino, and it is very bad. Very few people.
I will wait for some more recommendations, otherwise maybe I will continue playing on Stars.
Thanks again to both of you!

I think ou can play on Natural 8 , it's a very nice poker room , also you can play on ACR , try them and good luck . look if any site of the ipoker network is accesible on the country you are , cause they might not have many tourneys or high buyin tourneys , but they have many satelites for the higher buyin tournaments , and it's alwsays good to have bankrolls in many poker rooms , if you csn find opportunities there , especially some freerolls to build your bankroll for free or win some extra cash next to your winnings Blink good luck Smile

Thank you very much Antonis for your recommendation. I had completely forgotten about ACR. I suppose that I will be able to play there because at some point I had an account. It had good freerolls, and quite a few people playing.
Natural 8 I have seen that it offers some promotion than another, but I have not tried it yet. I don't want to go crazy with multiple rooms at the same time. I put it on the list.

I am afraid that they will ban lot of countries from poker and casino site,especially countries from EU!they will ask this sites to pay taxes in their country,when they will refuse that,they will ban them and thats end of story!I think that we will be in big problems in future,to find normal site for playing!

Possibly some of that happens. We will have to settle for the usual poker rooms.
Today I installed ACR and I was able to play a tournament. I think it has changed a lot, or at least I don't remember it that way. Lots of animation that I don't like.
I like simple sites. Maybe that can be modified in settings, so I'll have to see.

at least you have this option,but as you say its different then other softwares and you dont like it,so that will be maybe one of reasons that you will try to find another one!its very bad that in 2020 we cant choose from sites that we want to play,we need to play on whats left and what some goverment allow to us!

I played in Americas Cardroom but they have an software as brutal like Duck Poker when it was open... and if they haven't changed it in the meantime don't know, but hate criminal bad beats because that's not poker is horror poker.

Play anywhere where you can find an edge , fish , a game where weak players or good spots to take advanetage you can find . Any poker room . BRM has some poker rooms on the reviews section , have a look , see which are allowed in your country , see if they have freeolls , if they have game you like , action , good players' pools , good reputation , if you know them , win money with freerol; and then min deposit or min deposit from the beginning if you trust them good luck Smile

Yes, it is what I have been testing these days, and in these last hours.
I was able to finish on a new podium in a 200 guaranteed tournament at Rounders Casino, but I think there is no point in continuing to play there if it doesn't motivate me.
At the moment I am playing a tournament in ACR, and between yesterday and today I was able to make some money to continue playing. It is more recreational but it works, little by little I am getting a taste

so you have few option,how to play poker online and if you cant be part of some big poker site or maybe some of them you dont like,then you must stick to this rooms that you write!you dont have many option in this moment!just depend do you want to invest your own money on some of this smaller rooms!good luck!

Everything indicates that I'm going to end up playing in the big room: PS. Many tournaments, many people, very good prizes.
Anyway, I keep trying other rooms, at least to remember how poker was played. Unfortunately I am a bit rusty and need to practice. Maybe read some online strategy course.

its good that you have option to play on their site and especially because you know how things work on poker stars and what can you expect!just depend what are you looking for,do you want to play freerolls,to invest your money,to play tournaments or cash games!but I think that you can find something that you like on poker stars!good luck!

It's good to have many options . The more you have the better for you .

You might find a cash game on one , a tournament on the other , a sng with more than 9 players on the other , a good freeroll on anather , a better cashback or promotion on a third one poker room , etc .

You withdraw money from a poker rooom leaving a little as a new bankroll fro this specific poker room , then from the withdrawing money you miht reinvest a small proportion to some small other poker rooms you have never played or that you have never deposited but you have playedd at and have uilded bankrolls via freerolls or anything else .

A small , minimum deposit , will do it , will be enough . If it proves unsucccessfull , you lose nothing , it's a very small amount of money , but if you win , you win big Smile

investmants , risks and rewards Smile

Thank you all for your responses. I've already made some decisions so I hope to see you around the tables
There were sites that I liked, others that I did not, either by type of tournaments, prizes, number of players, software, etc.
Unfortunately some sites with very good offers I cannot try (due to the restrictions of my country), so I am left with the desire!

Happy that you made some decisions ligador , unhappy that you have no access to some of the rooms , hope you will find the best way to afford things so as to have the best profits for yourself Smile

Now for myself . I was looking at the title and I was wondering . Which is the best poker room nowadays ?? guess this answer changes every some perios of time , let's say some weeks , every 20 days , a. When a poker room hosts a super series of tournament like the WPT series of world online tournaments , ofcourse PartyPoker was the best poker room to play poker 24/7 , now I have to see the offers from the poker rooms , their promotions , see which has the best , so as to see where I will dedicate the most time , where I will have the best edge .

Still Party and bwin have an edge , the still have their good promotions in comparson to pokerstars or 888poker , but this is up to every poker player to decide . A poker player might find in a very small poker room , even in rounder casino an edge and dedicate mre time on it , rather than in a very big one , cause there he might find a lot of fish , very loose players , easy money per money , etc , so this would be the best poker room for him nowadays Smile

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