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GoodDay4Play updates site and my account disappears wtf?  0   
Opened an account with Poker Mira that later became Good Day 4 Play. I have over $100 on the site. They just updated their website and now they tell me my account does not exist 😡
Getting tired of these small sites. Not responding to inquiries and leaving players in limbo. Better playing on big sites, atleast you know you have a better chance at not losing your money.

thats problem with small rooms where you cant know what they will do when you start earning money,especially when you make something big from no deposit offer,like we can use from BRM site!if you did invest your own money,then I am sorry,but cant say that you will see this money from them!

mini deposit , let's say the minimum required deposit is $5 , then you deposit $5 Smile ONLY ,

then start plying the very nano micro stakes of sngs or cash games , a very good cheap tourney or sat wth earned winning money ,

freerolls play only if you read their terms and TOS and see what they say , what they demand for you to be able to withdraw the freeroll winnings or even more all the winnings on the site , cause some sites allow you to withdraw your money but not freeroll winnings until you meet their demands , others (most scammers) want to wager first the freeroll money , then they allow you to withdraw your money as well , which last is unacceptable , the fundamental practice of scamming .

Or else do not play freerolls or do not get any bous at all . Once you get the minimum withdrawal amount of money , let's say 50$ , make a demand of withdrawal for $50 . Do not wait any Longer . If they refuse , they are scammers 100% Smile

Apply this in every poker room . Also to casinos , only instead of games (sngs,cash games,sats) put slots with increasing bets up to a very limited high standard bet , because of the low deposit , although ,the thruth with the casinos is that you cannot play slots well with low bankroll , with the minimum deposit , let's say 20$ , 30$ would be the minimum I would say for 3 cent or 5 cent bets for me to feel (a lot more) secure on the long run Smile Ok , I wanted to say 30$ and 50$ respectively , but you would say I am very conservative or even afraid , lol Smile

For other casino games I do not know Smile

You must to insist and if he doesn't recognize your account & money, then tell them to notify the authority that deals with complaints made against poker rooms. I forgot what it was called but there are some laws that protect players. Someone from BRM need to know that name.

I got top 5 in the GooDay4Play BRM Christmas tournament some years ago, I even think I got first. But now, I can not even download the software. Next Christmas Calendar I will exchange all prices for lottery tickets.

I wrote the #post in this thread for new very small or small pokerrooms which suddenly are created , you hear fo them , they are being advertised and you want totry them out , to win someextra cash because of very loose fish , freerolls , etc . for well known preexisted poker rooms , thetop giant poker rooms or very good pokerrooms with very good reputation in the poker world for many years now meaning the withdrawals without problems the good promotions and decent or goodplayer's pools or tournaments , etc ) , apparently , all these have nothing to do withthem

Apply these instructions to the newvery small poker rooms , and you'll see your overall bankroll will be protected , your time invested on them will be as much as needed to see if they worth it and if they pay for it and if they pay good , and whn they pay you go for the next level of withdrawal , the next levelof trust , the next level of fish level up in the poker room ecosystem , and the story goes on

That's what I do . Even with Duck poker I did the same , I invested only the minimum $5 , but unfortunatelly I invested a lot of time believing their bul*** stories about the wageiring of their freeroll winnings through their special sngs . No need to lose time , as well no need to lose money , good luck Smile Wherever in a very small poker room you hear very big promises for big promotions and gifts , always hold a very small basket Blink

Dont play there. Some casinos investigative team was find that they have fake Microgaming, Amatic, Egt slots. There are plenty of well-behaved online casinos around.
When they do in casino why not do same dirty thing in poker too. This will shutdown soon.

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It's important to get your money back because such a thing is not normal. You had an account there, played and GoodDay4Play was not a bad poker room with financial problems. They must to do something nice because old poker mira can do that.

Poker mira ?? I think hmmm Was it that site that was asking me to send them a photo of me holding my id card ?? So I said to my self F**them and I never visited the site again ?? I think it was poker mira , but I cannot swear for this ...They wanted this , they wanted that , they wanted Santa Clause , lol , other things , wtf ... Some scammers you can smell them from miles , lol

F**them , never go there again , did you deposit there or it was only freeroll money and earnings from games paid with freeroll money ? If it's the last case , you lost only your time there , not that this isn't a big deal , come to think about it , time is money ......

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