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Does or will BankrollMob consider sponsor/patching players?  0   
Some sites patch players to promote their site, does BankrollMob do or thought of doing so?
I miss representing poker websites in live tournaments like the World Poker Tour and the World Series Of Poker.
It's great for the site to get their name out there.
Would love to wear the BankrollMob patch in future live events and I'm sure many here would love to do so aswell. Maybe hook the player up with some free Bankrollmob gear to play in tournaments?


Methods to make BankrollMob more famous exist. I have an idea but structure of the prizes in his freerolls it needs to be changed. I would replace tournaments and prizes with satellites for few live games. Every year a few mobsters to qualify and promote BRM there.

Man , I looked twice in the date of the initial #1 post of the OP , I wanted to be re-assured this was not a thread from 3 , 4 , 5 years ago or even before Black Friday , that was brought by Calicul back to life on 29/9/20 , LOL Big Smile

I think this was mainly being done by the great poker rooms , nowadays no so much I would say imo , Even some poker rooms like Pokerstars have reduced their embassadors . Pokerstars has ''dismissed'' most of its embassadors , the greatest poker pros .

Now it's corona virus days , no live poker eeither way , so no reason to talk about such sponsorships . But my opinion is that nowadays they don worth not much live , not even 1/100 that they used to worth Smile

Online , it's another story Blink Blink Blink

What a strange thing. Someone doesn't want for BankrollMob to be promoted in some big live tournaments. I think it would be good for that site, because they make the rules but it doesn't matter anyway. Important thing is how it will get better.

calicul , i didn't say I don't want BRM to be advertised that way , I wish someday it will be promoted , when loive poker get back to its feet , cause now it sucks , no live tournaments (like it used to be) , no big tourneys in he biggest casinos worldwide , only onlne , so no reason to search for ambassador . But in the future , why not ??

But what I say , is that , even before the crisis , imho , the ambassadors thing went south , the greatest names were dismissed , etc etc . I might not like Joke Star but I think they see in the future , the future now is the online poker , the online ambassador . Maybe it's temporary , maybe in two, three years the whole thing will change , maybe it';s because of the corona virus , I do not know .,

But for now , I think , my humble opinion , twitch-youtube-online platform ambassadors and players are more important , so BRM if it wants to get advertised , it should choose some of them , the ones that PartyPoker or 888poker has . Jokerstars practically has only Lex , the others struggle with their bankroll , they are way off I think ,

I think we sent some merch to this lucky guy, a few years ago Smile

And if I remember correctly, we also had some shirt patches/stickers that we might have sent out earlier.

But it's something we are considering doing again, although right now the corona situation doesn't really give it purpose to send merchandise to be used for live events. We'll see.

Excelent story the one you posted Admin , Nikola Minovic 's adventure in the online poker , starting with this $10 BankRollMob free and started playing for real money , introduced to poker by a cousin of his , then he loved this game and tried twice and at the second time he won this very expensive Carribean Poker PartyPoker package . There are many stages/satellites , one after the other , you have to win , so as to win the ultimate first prize . And i read the bubble lasted 2 hours . Omg , this happens when the blinds level last 10 or more likely 15 or more minutes and plyers are ver very good .Awesome story .

they will only do something like if some member go from on some tournament with ticket or offer from this site or if he get free gift from lot of satellites and then ask like sthep here on forum for this patch!this was his idea and he asked admin can he get it and to have it on this party poker caribbean tournament!

Possibilities to create something beautiful for BankrollMob users are, but there exists many ideas of everyone... where a few players must represent this site in major live poker tournaments in every year. It is not difficult but decision belongs to BRM owners.

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