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Hi mobsters,
I just opened a poker acount at Rounder Casino using one of the latest and fantastic bonuses from BRM and today i was playing one of BRM freerolls and i just played one of the most incredible tournament hands of my experience.I'm not very good telling this kind of stories, but i will make an effort, for the comunity:
So there i was, playing a little freeroll tourney, with a field of 31, but with people who knew what to do at the table. Things started a bit bad for me, loosing the first hands, having troubles in making my bluff to pay, and having to risk a lot to keep on the game. We started with 3,000 chips and i had a lot of trouble to double, more than an hour to do it, i guess. Then things started to get a bit better for me, and that's when the most amazing hand happened: there i was, field of 11, two tables, and i was in the first five, along with at least two more well stacked opponents. I don't remember my position, but the guy after me entered all-in, the other stacked one called him, i had AA and went insta all-in, and i got called. And when they turn their cards, there it was: AA vs KK vs JJ. The turn still brought a Queen, but that only helped me, and at that moment i passed to first with over 100,000 chips.
I bet you all have played nice hands, but i hope you enjoy reading my experience, it was great (at least for me, perhaps the other two mobters can show a different perspective in the comments)!

Nice stories deserve nice ends and that's what just happened in this case: i happened to win this freeroll. I'm really happy, this is something it didn't happen to me for a long time. I don't know the reason, but i'm glad i won, it's a great feeling, and it gives me the will to keep running at these tables. Just to let you know, after the last break, the heads up against Raydaniels had just one more hand, and as i was already a bit tired, i was thinking of three-betting my AK, but i went all-in and got a call from his K9. The table was clean and i got all the chips!
Keep playing, i will do the same, good luck to you all!! Worship

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congratulations on your win in this freeroll and nice win on this hand with AA!probably you thought that somehow some K or J will show up and that you will not have luck to win it,but everything finished good!so what was prize pool for this freeroll and how much did you got for this win?

I know AA was favourite, but having a run pre-flop with three guys all-in and an amount of chips enough to more than triple your distance to the second place at that point of the tourney was something to make your nose bleed. I know i am talking about a simple freeroll with a prize pool of "only" $50 and "only" 31 players playng it. And those $20 i got may not be big earning for whoever reads this. But i think you should look at every game with the same seriousness. I consider freerolls one of the most difficult tourneys to play because you will find every type of players in that field. And having people who don't care about loosing chips because he didn't have to pay to play it's a considerable challenge. Maybe that's why you don't always see the same player winning freerolls. Of course, a $10k buy-in tourney is also very difficult, having the best players around and also some rich ones who don't mind or figure out what to do with their money and their chips. I don't consider i have what it takes to play one of those, but a freeroll can be equally interesting.

Hello. I had experiences from these when i won with AA against other big pairs but also lost. This is poker but at higher stakes don't think it happened to me. Two days ago played a $ 109 game ( by qualification ) and it was nice to have that luck. I only got a reward of 25 dollars. Anyway, good luck
Big Smile

The matter with AA or KK is to win with them when you need them most , meaning at the buy in games , especially at the higher , more expensive buy in games .. Raising with Aces then SB calls and instantly , at six max , he shoves his flush draw , you call and he wins , or KK you bet he 3 bets you 4 bet he shoves AJs and the A river saves him , that sucks ...

Anyway , nice win , congrats for winning that multi way flip , congrat for winning that freeroll .

For Rounder Casino I see the tourneys and games are expensive , you have to win many of these games or deposit to play any game , except for the spins which are free .

I will look more caefully next time all games that it has . Also I wiill try playing the rest of BNM freerolls .

Good luck mobsters Smile

well this 20 $ was good first place prize for freeroll,because you had only 30 players to beat,not like on some for 500 players and to get this 20 $,so ofcourse you didnt want to lose on this kind of hand!but more players in this all in hand,got more chance for this players to hit card that they need,but I am glad that you won it!

I had a problem logging in to rounder casino with VPN , I donno why , theyallow me only from the countryI registred (Greece ) ?? i have PC and laptop , laptop is for VPN , pc for poker or casinos that operate in Greece , android I rarely use it , only for BWIN casino or very rarely for one poker game or one poker game on Joker Stars if it's a freeroll , if it's a normal game on pc , never on android , caue I cannot play comfortBLY yet on android

So , either they will allow me play with VPN , or I will not play at all Smile Last time I loged it normally , but when I entered BRM password it said you made a mistake . All right , I will try again tomorrow in the BRM freeroll . Good luck to me , Good luck to all mobsters

I dont have problems with poker sites,because they are on software and they cant block this to me,but with casino sites I have even bigger problems in last month or two!for example,I could play before with VPN on party casino,but now I can even with him,because I get message from party casino that my country isnt allowed anymore!

I don't know how VPN works, because tried in the past... and it changed my clock for all poker where softwares was installed. Pokerstars, 888, NetBet and Unibet did not start at that time. Must to play in Party or others like Rounder but this inconvenient is very ugly.

Evrything is fine now Smile Played again , with VPN , and managed to do everything in order , register , , play , everything ok. And it accepted the password for the BRM freeroll , so everything is fine .

The only bad I was playing on ly laptop , man Iggot crazy on one moment , couldn't play both on laptop and the pc , made a mistake on a PS tournament , went on tilt , abandoned games and sats , and ofcourse the BRM freeroll , by saying abandoned I mean shove , close tables , crazy decisions . . If only i find a way to play on my pc some games with VPN and some games without , , but I guss this is impossible , lol

in todays gambling problems is that now you cant even have help with VPN,because goverment send to this site warning that they need to block players from their country,so when you try to log in,you get message they you are not allowed!before you couldnt enter on page,but VPN i played for months on party casino,but now they blocked account because of country resitrictions!
so till some site block players from your country,you can use VPN!

In situation when i choose to use VPN, must play with two computers and different internet companies... and to do this thing is very hard, because don't have too much hands to play with them. I play what is legal in my country and that is it.

This post by dule-vu has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
somebody dont know anything about VPN or this kind of things and how to use sites when they are blocked from your country!somebody follow me in almost every thread and give thumbs down,but dont know to give answer if he think that he is right!
now its big problem that this sites are under pressure and that they blocked accounts from some country,which they didnt do before,they allowed us to play with VPN!

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