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Check out the New 888poker Mobile App!

After months of testing and getting positive feedback from players, 888poker's new mobile poker app focuses mainly on player experience first and aims to maximize the enjoyment for every player. New portrait mode, smooth multi-tabling, and nice customization options are just some of the reasons why the new 888poker app is a great idea to download to your mobile device.   Made to Play[...]   Read more » Check out the New 888poker Mobile App!

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Check out the New 888poker Mobile App!  0   
this is something that we already did comment in other news,but now this is just about new app for 888 poker!we can see now whats big difference from last app and they made something good,what I can see from this pictures!but ofcourse main question is how it will work and will it have some bug or will it crush in play and so on!this portrait mode look good!

I also tried this mobile version of 888poker , it's awesome , i like it . I csn make it more personal according to how I like it, so I have disable emojies and I prefer four colour deck .I will see what else I can change . The progressive look ofthe portrait mode I like it very much , as if you are in a real table , I see it for the first time . All games can be found , all account choices or my club level , everything is there . It's really very cool .

Üdv nekem is nagyon be jött

ceffet you are member here for such a long time,you should know that only languade is english and its not your first post on forum!
antonis I am glad that you are satisfied with this new app and that they made something that people will use it!now we know why they spent 2 years on software and app!

Yes that new app for poker888 is very good , it's good that they delete that chat and make this funny tomato , egg etc. throwing possibility to players but most important thing is that poker part is now stable Worship no have same kind of crash marathon like older program had.
Actually there is no crash with poker app at all , played almost 2 month with new app and it works.
Same can not say about casino part like told before... but hope they fix that part also sooner or later...

My country is not supported to play here 🙁🙁

. I like also the fact that I can leave the table , search the lobby , see other tournaments that run the same time or sth else that interests me like settings , or play casino games at the same app , but I can see on the top if I have been dealt a hand , and if yes click this icon and get back to the table , then again I can leave back to casino or to where I was . Also , if I have forgotten my hand , when my time is close to end , I get a sound warning . Very nice poker app formobile by 888poker .

Yes Antonis this new poker app have all what need to play , multitable was also very good idea to have , many times had interesting poker games to play at the same time , before it wasn't possible but no it is , about that playing poker and casino games same time is also great idea , there is sometimes problem when go back to casino games from poker table , like if you had slot open it's closed and need to open again ... hope they found way to fix those problems between poker and casino... if they found , it's almost perfect site to play Cool

I hope that on mobile this new look will be pleasant for all players. I saw how it is on the computer and don't like it, but maybe they are different. It is in their interest to do something comfortable for these customers and they to play with pleasure.

MarkWest till they fix this,this would be great app then and will not work as they want before they made it!if players are not satisfied with casino part,then they will go on some other place to play it and 888 will to earn money,it simple!they can listen to players and solve it or they can lose players,its up to them!

Yes dule-vu good news is that there is many sites where to play and they have all what players need , poker , casino , sportbet etc.
Just looked when I told them about this bug first time and it was almost 2 month ago but nothing change.
One week result when play gonzos quest megaways , 3 time crash middle of freerolls and surprise game not continue where it crashed , when login again and open game had only number how much win , so I couldn't look how it go.
New record of crash made this week when play gonzos quest older version , 3 time in 15 min. Smile)
It helps me remember my password Smile)
They just made new app so maybe need time to get it work correctly...

Yes , it's true , it also happened to me 2-3 times while I was on casino and turned to poker then back to casin the slot was not there , but at the very beginning of the game , so no hard feelings , Smile Relaunched t and no problem . Also the other times I have no problem , I have free memory on my mobile and always keep an eye on it , don't know if that has to do anything , also I don't have any other app run at the same time , ofcourse that would be awkward , casino , poker , another thing at the same time lol . Maybe music it'scool Smile

I have not tried the exchange between many tables , I will try it with freerolls , see if I can do it easily , it's right to left t and back ?? lol , I guess if there are more tables , they are also going to appear on the upper side of the app , so maybe this is better to change . I am going to tyr and today Smile

Poker part works perfectly 2 month without any problems , multitable also works fine.
Few times had 4 table open same time and it works like it should work Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Little bit busy to play but it's possible Smile)
I always clean cookies , make updates and keep minimum programs open when play so
I try to keep games running but it seems not help and like I told before other sites can play
without problems , it's mystery ?

hm,to have so many times problems on some slot isnt good thing and its not right that you cant continue normally!if this problem is for two months,then they had enough time from then to make something better and to fix it!if this happen everything when you make change from poker to casino,then this doesnt work!

Think they had focus for this new poker app to keep players but just like you wrote before there might be players who found other sites to play if all part not work correctly.
Have thinks that they update poker app but not casino and now those 2 part can't communicate/work perfectly together , that's why poker app keep asking are you still there when
play casino and time is same if you open poker app and don't be active , about 20 min.
Support team just don't believe it even with screenshots so let it be like they want and
Casino games can play other sites Thumbs Up
Antonis I found out that if you open poker table first and after that casino game it works but if you play casino game and then your poker table open and try to go back to play slot what was open ,
It reload casino part again and game is closed.
Usually game will continue where it was but somehow after casino crashed gonzos quest megaways didn't , maybe it's because of that daily jackpot or something else... don't know about those mysteries...

Mark , I will check this about the about the casino and poker , personally ithappened twice tome , but the slot was the first spins , so I didn't care , I reload it and played it , but I do not remember if opened first the slot and then the poker table or the reverse . I will check it , cause now i am cutious . Smile

MarkWest you are right,they are more for poker section and they do everything to make this best part of their company,but when you made everything and after two months you still have problem on casino section,fix damn thing,when players write that they have problems!
as you say about gonzos quest slot,this is big problem and isnt normal that you cant continue from point that you stopped!they cant finish your game,no matter how many free spins left,they cant just add money!wrong thing from them!

Yep dule-vu it's not difficult to found several stories from internet about how players write these kind of connection problems with this site. It keeps going many years already...
Like I wrote before this update had problem with that older poker app , it crashed all the time between playing poker but casino part works without problems , now poker part works but casino part have problems.
It's fine for me to play slots somewhere else , can make sportbets those results they can't change no matter what kind of updates they make ... Smile)

I accepted their $ 1 gift offered in 10 cent tickets (all expire in 6 days). He tells me something about a freeroll. I think is special or maybe it was last Sunday. Anyway, in every day they have tournaments to win a few cents, or dollars in most successful games.

ha,ha,MarkWest,so they fix problems every few years Big Smile !so something that didnt worked before,work now,because of this new softare or new app,but now you can use normal other things!dont understand them,when several players (you tell that other stories on internet) say that they have problems with casino and write to them,they say that everything is ok!
yeah,players are crazy and contact them just because they dont have anything to do in life!

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