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do you think online poker is rigged i do

Some of them are very rigged, but i don't know if everyone is like that... because made a little profit in few rooms like full tilt, 888, poker 770 ( netbet ). Great sites give you something to eat. Sometimes a few hundred dollars is very nice to withdraw.

I dont think is rigged. I am talking the big sites like pokerstars, party poker, gg network rooms and so on. Maybe you catch a downswing and get couple of bad beats. Which sites you think are rigged and why you think so? Some smaller sites really have some bad reviews and reputation, but if you play on big well known sites i think you are safe.

hi guys ,let me share some partypoker experience !!!!

yesterday 30th of september was last day for dutch residents to play at partypoker ,,unfortunately they kept sending me deposit offers instead of informing a shutdown for dutch players.
According to statements in Dutch-media i thought nothing would change,today i can only withdraw ,no more partypoker untill they get a licence ..(dont know when they get it,or if they gonna get it)

now here's what happened on the last day i couldplay....talking about rigged....

i used to play SNG's mainly 8players double or nothing (range 2$ to 20$)
yesterday i lost all sng's i is that possible ???
i have great stats at these sng's ,thats why i play them...yesterday was simply Diabolic
Usualy i am around nr 25 to 75 every day in the sngleaderboard micro and medium

was already pissed at partpoker...withdrew my funds ..they will not see me play ever again at worst pokersite ever...

and yes i think they rigged...every hand i played i had KK villain had AA got JJ 2opponents in hand both shuffed and opened AA and KK
what a setup
Next i have AA in 50 $ cashgame at big blind ..utg1+ raises 2,2blinds -utg+2 shuffes allinn
everybody folds ,,i call : opponent shows A-10ofsuit and flops 10-10-7 turn another10 ,,pfff what a joke

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Of course it's not rigged. It's heavily regulated.

Remember that each time you feel it's rigged against you, the winner of your money will feel the opposite Blink

love your comment Tony Big Smile Cool Smile

I lost a HU all-in for ~96% of chips in play with 91.73% equity yesterday Fri 01 Oct 2021.

rigged proof (or not?)

3p out

if some poker rooms were not rigged then we would have won more money. Turn and river destroy me many times, but when it comes to winning with them it happens very rarely. So my question is: why am i voted down, if the person who did this doesn't know my poker bad beats? why i can't win in the same way, when i lose? because not all poker rooms are correct, of course

Two things.

One is memory bias, all the times you hit a set versus a bigger pair is almost instantly forgot, and you have won a hand that had 18% or so equity pre.

Two playing low stakes, say $22.00 or less, bad players exist in droves and they chase more low equity hands and so they will hit them at a greater frequency, especially if multi-way, than good players who will fold these hands pre.

So, I am not saying some poker sites are not dubious, however, if you play on sites such as PP, 888 and PS which are not rigged, these thing can still happen, but it is not because they are rigged in any way.

3p out

big rooms are good and they offer money, of course, but somentimes it is very bad in any of them

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