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Kitsune's Scrolls (Spinomenal)

Explore the wonderful magical world of Japanese folklore in Kitsune's Scrolls, a new video slot released by Spinomenal. Meet a beautiful Kitsune who has the power to give you big wins with her magical scrolls! Kitsune is the equivalent word for fox in Japan and a common subject in Japanese folklore - they are highly-intelligent magical beings, able to shapeshift into a human. Check out this Ja[...]   Read more » Kitsune's Scrolls (Spinomenal)

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cant say much about slot,when I cant see some video to comment and to see what can he offer,except this description!5x4 reelset and buy feature option is something that will bring players to this slot,but depend how good they made this slot and we must first try it,but every new slot on market will make competition to make something better then last one!

Very good slot on the market since it is Japanese style, and they make good anime, I like that they try to mold the game with animes that they like, in addition to giving good promotions and commissions that they give you when you play more you accumulate points, to try to change it for money, I really like this slot.

It is a slot game with free spins and certain conditions that make you for play here. Today we listen to some songs from old games of the '90s or 2000. I think temptation will be interesting for many players. Anyway, worth to try. Good luck.

we dont know anything about this slot,because we dont have video and as we can see in this news,not so many sites will have it,so dont know why we have such a comments how it looks and that is like some old games!
probably nobody of us will play it,when big sites dont have slots from this company!

Japanese folklore in Kitsune's Scrolls, a new slot launched by Spinomenal. I really like this Japanese casino where they try to couple reality and fiction in the game, I like their strategies, it is a game that is like a Japanese Adam's tale and at the same time you are generating bonus money the more you play, it is a tremendous game.

yeah,japenese love to make this kind of games,but also to live this kind of life for real,so its something that is for decades in their lifes,so its not strange when we that they make this kind of slots for casino sites!ofcourse this isnt something that every part of world love it,but you have choice to play or not,to live on this way or not!

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