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After PartyPoker, PokerStars, Betsson group and William Hill has left Serbian market in 2019 and 2020, respectively, I have wondered who is going to be the next one to leave...and yesterday I received the answer by Team...
We would like to inform you that 888’s services are no longer offered to players located in Serbia and therefore your account will be closed as of 31/12/2020...
Really this year should be forgotten as soon as possible...

It's very annoying for Serbian players, but maybe the main culprit is government from your country. You went to website of national gambling office in Serbia to read if it says anything about that? Try playing Unibet and NetBet if you can. Good luck

Sure, this is not the good news. I know, how important is 888 for lots of players all over the world, because they have the best promotions and this room let you to build your bankroll from nothing with this lots of freerolls and promotions.
I just hope you still can play at PartyPoker, because there you can also play with lots of players and also participate in some nice promotions.
You need to check also other sites, i,m sure, that some of them will let you play.

Personally I will not create another account on 888poker using vpn again , after this fiasco , they run away so surprisingly , if I knew it 15 days earlier I would have done some things diferently . Having said that I will never use vpn again , I had enough of it , no profit , no successfull registration and withdrawal , you need to havesome connections nd strategy to hve successfullness with the plan , hahahah , lol

ANyway,I feel sorry for the Serbians , I read the government is to blame , that's why poker rooms are leaving , don't know details , hoping things will get better for you in the future .

well antonis one is when you made account few years ago and now they forbid you to play and then you use vpn for playing!they will allow you to play,but its something else when you want to make account when you already have restrictions from your goverment!so probably best thing then is not to make account,because they will take your money,but you cant know what will be when you will ask for payout!maybe this wouldnt be problems with big sites like 888 poker,but you never know!

LoL dule-vu, the previous time that I cashed out , I did took and be paid enough money to try many times in the future with vpn or another method , not being afraid to lose the deposit . Now I am more cool , I am to blame ,I heard that Germany strictenth thier rules , I went and created account there for PartyPoker , byebye acount there , I heard sometime ago that a poker room and another one left Serbia , I didn't go in a sly/cunning mode to think that this will hsppen with 888poker probably , let's think what to do with my account , so gooodbye 888poke account .

As for the vpn , there are ways to be paid , I cannot say them here , they are a little tricky let's say ,but without them it's up to them , you know , to look the other way when they see the real ethnicity or address or excuse for the address you have mentioned to them . hahahaha . Maybe in the future i will try again , only with this ''tricky''methods , or else only for fun for one month , see what thy'll tell me , 5$ deposit is absolutelly nothing to lose , if I have time I will try again without the tricky methods , but if I will find the way to enable the tricky methods , then eerything will be fine Smile It's not a thiefing method , I have money , I am a real person , my money is legit , government just is the obstacle and the enemy , the PIMP who desires hundreds of thousands of $$$ togive the licence , I am a micro or nano stakes player , so everythong is fine with me Smile

but I talk for things when you are member for few years and when you want to register on some site with vpn,then you can have bigger problems!but know even sites dont allow you to even log in,because they see from which country you are,no matter that you have account for years,like I cant do on party casino desktop site!so its not just up to my goverment,they probably contacted them not to allow us to play!
but on some sites,you can play with VPN,but just hope that nobody will have problems with cashouts,that they just say you didnt play by the rules!

You have nothing to do in these situations. A return for 888 poker could be found in your country after a year or more because it is not our decision. Representatives of Serbia and owners of this room they can sign a return.

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