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got mail from poker stars that I need to claim free tickets on my account and they gave three tickets:

Get a $38.50 ticket bundle to use between January 1-17. Just log in to claim your Chest by 23:59 ET on December 31.

Use your $5.50 and $22 tickets in any equivalent Blowout Series event or satellite. And use your $11 ticket in the New Year's Bash. The perfect way to start 2021.

must admit that I was suprised on this gift and didnt expect such a big value of tickets,when I saw just headline of mail!

today is first big tournament,already 100 K players are in and prize pool is over 2 million dollars,thats is for this ticket of 11 $ value!

Nice one, i heard for that promo on slovenian poker forum too. Checked my mail unfurtunately i didn't get nothing haha. Instead of this i get 3 days of chets with free spins and some usualy betting chalanges. At least is something. Hope we bink a litlle little.

Certainly these awards are not for all countries, because to a calculation pokerstars offer tens of millions of dollars in free prizes for his gamblers/players and they did not grant to all. Who receives will be lucky and the others, they will resign.

Yep and their are also different calculations for the chests. First when i start playing i get first chets for like 350 points, now i play here and there and the first blue chests i need 2850 points lol. I also never get the rakeback challange offer. I heard on other forums allot of players get it, not only loosing one. I play only micros and winning usualy, maybe il get somethin will see.

here are terms from mail that I got!you must get that mail,so probably its not for all players from some country,its for players that get mail with offer:

erms & Conditions
Available to selected players only.
Players must log in to the client to receive their tickets as part of this promotion.
Tickets will be credited to players immediately, with no other earning requirements.
The $11 tournament ticket issued as part of this promotion can be used from January 1 until January 17 in the New Year’s Bash.
The $5.50 and $22 tournament tickets can be used from January 1 until January 17 in Blowout Series tournaments.
All prizes offered as part of this promotion are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
Tickets will not be awarded to any individual who, for any reason, would not be eligible to receive any such ticket under the terms of this agreement.
Unopened chests will expire on December 31 at 23:59 ET.

Naive question , are these tickets completely fre , I mean you do not need to wage some rake so as to take the winnings , or if you don't win anything , won't even then have the obligation to win some rake for the Pokerstars because they gave you these tickets ?? or they gave them because you have generated a lot of rake for them all these years and months so it's a gift of apreciation towards you ??

Such a gift I have never received by them , not even a $0.10 cent ticket , lol Big Smile

Also received that tickets, $5.5 Blowout Series, $11 New Year Bash Ticket and $22 Blowout Series Ticket. Unfortunately can,t make any profit from them. By the way it,s a bit strange, that not all people received that. Because i,ve heard, that you only need to login one time to receive it and looks like that some people was just ignored in this promo by Pokerstars and don,t receive anything. I also don,t understand, why you get this email, because looks like other people don,t have this one.

yes anotnis,they are completely free and you just need to use them,nothing else!you probably mean like on some casino free spins offer or no deposit bonus where you need to wager that amount!in poker this isnt case and when they give something like this,you just need to use them before they expire!
probably they gave me this present,because I didnt play poker at their site for long time!but you must get mail from them and they must choose you to get this tickets,there is not other way!
dingo other members probably didnt clicked on option to receive promotions from poker stars,e mails,messages and other things,so thats why probably didnt get it or they just dont use that mail!I dont know,I just know what they say in mail and you can see terms that I posted in last post,that you must be selected!

I was also pleased with PokerStars and gave me free tickets.
I played in three tournaments and unfortunately I didn't make money in any tournament.
But it was a pleasant surprise from PokerStars
Let them please us so often.

I did made some money from KO tournaments,but didnt come to prize pool!on some didnt got good cards,on some I lost on good one's!its good that you can every day be part of lottery where they will choose who will get tickets for this series!when you play at some tournaments,you get one free ticket for draw and I had luck to hit another 5,50 $ tickets for free!

To be honest , i,ve heard many different opinions on different forums and most of the people can win at least something from this free tickets and they were not useless at all. Another question is about that not all people receive that and for sure not all get email message from the Pokerstars team. Just heard, that you need to login once in the client, but looks like some people did this, but still don,t receive this tickets. Maybe they already won and cashout too much money from their promotions.

Posted by dule-vu:
yes anotnis,they are completely free and you just need to use them!..................

Well , dule-vu , I believe tthey gave these tickets to you for one of these reasons : either you have spent many $$$ in the past in their poker room in the past , so they have won from you rake enough , or they expect from your betting past behavior) to bet even more besides these tickets , from your own money , by depositing more . Haven't you noticed that when you lose in some poker rooms they give you nothing , but when you win they start giving you new offers ??Or in a casino , if they see you win a lot or you bet again and agian a lot , they don't sto p giving you offers , lol

I won $800 recently in a PS tournament , 3 days ago , suddenly , when Stars didn;t send me not even one promo or tiket (or they sent me but when I went to the challenges window the message''invalid'' or '' no challenges '' appeared )for YEARS , now suddenly they sent me 1 promo . I went to challenges window and it's real and ongoing , i will use it , but AFTER I make the withdrawal , the MFers , they think I will spent the money , all the money in this promo , think again after 3 dys from now (I wait for the dollar to rise up a little , the PS thieves steal 5 cents from every dollar you withdraw , why they do this , I do not have to ask them , if I do they will probably answer that they want to be protected by foreign exchange rates and some huge bankroll players who would choose to play with PS and their fluctuations and their deposits instead of playing poker , but the real answer is simple : Because Pokerstars , all there are greedy thieves Smile That's why they do not impose a sum for their services when they fullfill your withdrawal demand , they prefer the current status quo , more profitable ' Blink Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

Where did you find tha they steal 5 cetns for every 1 dollar cashouts? I have my primary valute in euros and i get the exact same amount on wallet as i whitdraw on stars. Maybe they take some exchange when i play on dollar tables? but i dont think so.
I find this too haha. More you win the more atention they give you, specialy the casino and sport betting bonuses.

antonis I didnt play any poker game for months at poker stars,so maybe that is reason for this free tickets,that I come again and to play!play sometimes casino games at their software,but poker not!in last years I almost on casino sites,dont play poker as I did when I was younger!
also have qustion as rogerio asked you,how do you mean they take 0,05 $ for every dollars that you withdraw?why would they do that and there is no reason for it!can you explain to us this?

The gratuities are beautiful, but we can't just stay only after something like that... how proceed this beggar who hunts only free games, promotions, bonuses etc... and he does not know nothing else. I don't think he did more than 500 dollars deposits in his life, but he speaks like ''a professional casino player''... What a shame.

Rogerio, I ill think to turn also my account currency in euro , I think , maybe this will solve any missunderstandings from my side , I mean on bwin my main currency is euro , when I go to play a game it exchnage euros to dollars and I play the game , I like this more ..But I will think about it , I do not like rush decisions . I had currency of dollars on Stars since day 1

Dule vu , it's not 5 cent , probably it's 3 or 4 cent , but yes they do it , I looked the official; dollar to euro exchange rate and it was 0.82 , on Stars it's 0.79 , then next day it's got down to 0.78 , then the next day again up to 0.79 ,then I asked a transaction for $800 . To me that's strange . I thnk , in the past I have witnessed differnce more than 3 cent when i tried to withdraw . What is this ???

I think antonis that you are completely wrong and that nobody take money from you!they just have different rate in that moment and its same like I made cashout on skrill from BRM,where on message in my inbox I have that it is 52 $ or 42,64 e,but when I got money on skrill,it still say that I got 52 $,but in euros this 40,35 e,so this money didnt took BRM,skrill have exchange rate and thats always like that,when currency isnt same which is on your skrill account!
same would do your bank,when you get some euro transacation and you have local currency (I know that you dont have your currency for years)!
I think that best is to set up main currency and to play with that,not to change anything,ofcourse if you can!

It is not normal for them to earn money from conversion but this thing is real and i think they have every right to do that. I don't know if we can give up a currency between euro and dollar, Sometimes it would be good but other time not.

pokerstars had some interesting games with tickets this summer and many of the tournaments were freerools. I couldn't play because i had login problems, but some friends in the neighborhood told me that it was good here. Anyway, whoever plays here can win something good.

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