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BOOK OF STARZ - €50,000 individual prize pools + €10,000 cash prize!

Fancy yourself as Indiana Jones? Maybe you're a wannabe Lara Croft? If so, you've come to the right place! Book of Starz - Level-Up Adventure is BitStarz brand new action-packed promotion that's taking you on the tomb raiding adventure of a lifetime. Start 2021 with a blast from the past. Across 40 levels, you can get your hands on a €50,000 individual prize pool - but that's no[...]   Read more » BOOK OF STARZ - €50,000 individual prize pools + €10,000 cash prize!

BOOK OF STARZ - €50,000 individual prize pools + €10,000 cash prize!  0   
we didnt had any news from bitstarz in this year (I think),so this is first one after long time!they probably had free days after december and all christmas promotions,so now they offer this!dont know how real is to win this big first prize and to come first to level 40,but probably every player will try to come first and to take 10 K!
but on end I would love that they give news when everything finish in march and to tell us who is winner,that we see that he is real!

I think they had this offer once before and of course it is for the big gamblers. This casino is an interesting one and here you have the chance for beautiful prizes. Srdjan Kapor is the employee in charge of the marketing strategy and he attracted many customers here.

I think reaching 40 levels in this online game is difficult, I think this is aimed at high rollers who generate a lot of money, the accumulated sounds great for them, I think that those types of promotions should be done for small bets.

as it is in real life, so it is with some games, because we get big bonuses... if we do something good for the company where we work. Same thing here with good wager and nice gift. You can't play low stakes and win something like that, if the rule does not change.

in last years casino leaderboards and collecting points are very popular and thats why so many sites give them,because they want that you play as much as you can,to wager lot of money and ofcourse to spend lot of money!on end they will give big prize,but you can imagine how much players will spend just to be on top of some leaderboard!

In a way, it is also a sharing of the players, and big prizes went to them. The same thing for poker. I don't think it's easy to get extra prizes from promotions, but a jackpot or a big prize can be won at any time without a big wager.

BankrollMob Forum » News » BOOK OF STARZ - €50,000 individual prize pools + €10,000 cash prize!

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