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Rome: The Golden Age (NetEnt)

In Ancient Rome, might was always right. Play NetEnt's newest video slot Rome: The Golden Age, and see what the golden age of the Roman Empire can bring, where winners called the shots. This latest release from NetEnt has a unique layout, featuring 5 reels arranged in a diamond-shaped format with the height of 3, 4, 5, 4 and 3 symbols from left to right. Rome: The Golden Age has 5 reels in[...]   Read more » Rome: The Golden Age (NetEnt)

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finally something new form netent and something different then other slots that they make!when I read news and watch video I see that slot have only 20 lines,even much more fields have then normal slot,but probably it pay more because of that!also free spins mode have only 3 free spins,which is different then others!

Edited by dule-vu (10 February 2021 @ 08:45 GMT)

Good slot, it will introduce you to the golden age of the Roman Empire, that it is true that power was the predominant one, well it will be a question of being able to try it, by the multiplier of free spins, and you could also multiply your bet up to 50 times brilliant.

I see that players already have it on sites and saw yesterday some videos on you tube and must say that its hard to get big win,no matter that if you get even wild lines!you must get bigger multiplier that you can get bigger wins!you get only 3 free spins in bonus,but you can get retriger!

Edited by dule-vu (11 February 2021 @ 09:18 GMT)

That,s maybe cool, that they finally show some new slot. I think you need to show new slots really often right now, because lots of providers are offering diffrent slots and they are trying to interested you in their games. They want you to play in their games and do lots of things for you to choose to play their games. I remember , that a few years ago NetEnt slots was the best and everyone play it really often, but looks like right now people also trying to play some other providers too, because they also have a good slots.

Of course it is difficult to make a profit but we must see it as a hobby, a lot of fun, because it is like that, we are wrong that it is profitable but it is not like that, I think that the slots are programmed to win and that is impossible, we play with the software, the poker it's different, because we play against humans.

we already have videos on you tube with some big winnings on this slot,no matter that this slot in on market for only few days!dont know how much will players like it,but its very interesting and something new from netent!just would like that you can get few spins more on start and not only 3 of them!

I do not know how this slot game is, but it looks promising. I have some problems with the internet and can not log in to play. Logging it does not work in softwares and i can't find that problem. They say don't let me because of the internet, but he goes very well. I will try this slot when i repair that problem.

I haven't played this slot game yet, but i put the name on my list to try in future. He is promising, has good prizes and can bring a lot of money if someone win the grand prize. I think it's good and for that we must to risk some money here. Good luck with that.

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