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The Biggest Wins in 2020 at BitStarz

Whether you're already a slots aficionado or just a beginner at playing online slots, it is obvious that all of us become extremely interested in playing at a certain online casino site especially when others have been reported to win big, and look no further, as BitStarz Casino is the best place for big wins! If you are still wondering if this particular casino site can potentially give you bi[...]   Read more » The Biggest Wins in 2020 at BitStarz

The Biggest Wins in 2020 at BitStarz  0   
We all go to the casinos to have fun and win the jackpot by the way, but although it is difficult to get it because it depends on a lot of luck, there are people who managed to win the jackpot, now there are no excuses to be able to play and that these stories inspire you to keep playing, maybe you can be you, the next winner.

as I said before,I dont believe much in this stories from bitstarz because they just publish how somebody got big jackpot or something on leaderboard,without any winner,any name,anything about that players!thats why I dont believe them and they just make big promotion without any evidence,like this now!

BitStarz has beautiful awards for about two years or maybe even since they were founded. I saw that there are some players who won seriously here, but also others, who do not like this casino. The experience is beautiful, when you don't lose and here you can be very happy with a big amount won by you.

this kind of big winnings we have on other site,especially from players who play big stakes,but we dont see that any other site promote it like bitstarz do it and to remind us what they did in last year!but to believe them in this kind of things they should give us more informations about winnings,to see something about this players,not just news that that one player got big win and nothing else!

is not my competence to ask some employees of BitStarz that their prizes are correct and they to prove, Whoever plays there and loses money must ask for clarifications, if they feel stolen. Personally, i do not trust in that Indian Srdjan Kapor but there must be many prizes. People don't play if they feel something is wrong. BitStarz it can be a correct and fair play casino.

BankrollMob Forum » News » The Biggest Wins in 2020 at BitStarz

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