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Record Breaking Tournament at

PokerStars are constantly looking for new ways to establish themselves as the best poker tournament site on the internet. They have now decided to make an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of Records with their $500 000 guaranteed tournament that can cater for 35 000 players. The buy in for this tournament is only $10+1 so even if this tournament should fill up there will be a $150 000 overlay[...]   Read more » Record Breaking Tournament at

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Record Breaking Tournament at  0   
Nice tournament indeed. If theres 35000 participators then it will last many... many hours.

yea think so too. it will be funny to see when half of them drop out within the first minute Big Smile but then it will become a long lasting tourny since its $500k guaranted.

anyone participating?

If they put time limit and break it in 2 days i will but not this way, this will be torturous with 5 minute breaks only.

now i am defo gunna test my poker disapline and do that ill make a forum post 2 keep all updated Big Smile can't wait Smile

35.000 players? That is not a tourney, that is torture. Blink Stars should pay players, who try this one out, instead of charging them.

Its a great publicity stunt, free advertising who doesnt want that??
As for a game, well if it takes 3-4hrs in a game with 1k players i dred to think how long this will play for, its not even turbo/speed, and worse deep stack.
My guess is that they will have 15k players and will play for 24hrs

I agree with shokaku.
It's impossible to play two days long without any long stop ( at least 8 hours )
Or better, it's impossible to play for whom have to go to work to live Big Smile

Do you guys think it will go on that long? (im thinking of playing)
The sunday millions with 11k players goes for around 10-12hrs, but dont know the blind structer, i dont think they will get 35k, id guess around half of that.
Anyone know the break down for prizes and blinds?

Even if it lasts for 12 hours it is still 5 minute breaks and playing one tournament without serious break for 12 hours is tough. Maybe if i were not playing every day and instead wait for that one big tourney but not in this situation. I would be "brain locked" somewhere around 7th or 8th break. Nice try, definitely but they should split next one in 2 days or give big break somewhere around 6th break. It is not the same to stare at computer and to play live game for 12 hours straight, really, those warnings on PC games covers are not there for amusement. Monitors put a lot more stress on brain than you could think of.

i dont think it will last for 24hours. i think 12hours maybe more or less.
look at their hubble freerolls...25.000 players? or is it 15.000? not sure but it last 6-7hours or so. and with only $10 buy in you can take it as a freeroll. i say 12 max 15hours, but thats long enough. try to concentrate after hours playin poker...
definatly a torture.

I don't think it will be such a torture... Smile If 10k players participate and there will be 8750 places paid... After first hour there will be about 5000 players's going to be all-in battle, that's my prediction... Big Smile

Hubbles have 12000 max players and people play them worse than freerolls until 100 or so are left and true play kicks in when there are 20-30 players left. Here I think it will attract not only people who can afford $10 buy in but also a lot of people that have $10 in their account. It will definitely run for at least 12 hours and that is too much of computer generated pictures without longer break.

ah true, that was the "millionar dollar man" or something with 25.000 players i think...went pretty quick anyways.
im quite sure they get their 35.000 anyways = long tourny Smile

I want to play in this Smile I just watched final table replay of the last 500k on pstars. I heard pstars might raise 35k cap? Can they, I don't know. 500k guaranteed is usually a $500+$30, so $11 is nice Smile. Overlay is the only reason I'd play. I usually don't like playing long hours.

Not for me this 1, but i think for die hards a very nice mtt Smile

You guys are dumb if you think this tournament is going to go forever. It's only 3000 starting chips and 10 minute levels. They have their 200K guaranteed tournament that is the exact same as this one every week and it gets 25000 players and only goes for 6.5 hours. Try doing a little research before making claims. FYI, the 25000 one fills up almost every week and there is no reason to think this one wouldn't get at least 30000 people, my guess is that it fills up. People who are saying half have no idea.

I'll play it for sure!

Someone hit a nerve pwned?, so you think ? will play and it will play for ?
FYI its 30000 capped and normally has around 9-11k, but 6.5 sounds about right.
I say half cus of the timing xmas, any outher time of the year and i think it would be full.
20k is the biggest tourn so far(on-line) and thats unoffical!, not sure were you get the extra from each week.
Just sold off my W$ and T$ so ill be there, and ill be a record breaker........
So if you want to beat the rest and want to be the best...........

Sunday Two Hundred Grand, 25000 entrants, buy in $10+1, 3000 starting chips, 10 minute blinds.

Start time: December 14, 2008 21:30 CET
End Time: December 15, 2008 6:01 CET
9.5 hours,
I did my research. Did You?

35000 will be achieved don`t worry. it is poker stars not some wanna be poker stars site and they did not choose this time of year and this format to break guinness record because they expect less traffic.

Sorry miscalculated or typed wrong number, 8.5

Edited by Predobar (21 December 2008 @ 15:36 GMT)

3000 start
if 35000 players
105,000,000 in chips
level 63 is 20m/40m with 5m blinds
will be at level 63 after 10.5hrs, 10 mins per level
So i guess 9-10 hrs game :}

Sunday Two Hundred Grand is 30k (might have only just up it but thats what lobby says now)
How did you find play time predobar, lobby wont show me past games?

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