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At partypoker, we’re constantly finding ways to help cheaters
by constantly changing names so that all your painstaking notes are worthless and the cheaters ( suspected siteware) may continue unadentified. Like not showing names in sit and go's, so cheaters (likely siteware) may have as much anonymity as possible.
Sure makes it difficult to avoid the "crazy lucky" (read ' PP Software bots) 'players'. OMG. it fourbet 2 7 and outdrew my AA, FOR THE 3RD TIME! Changing names helps cheats so why would PP do that? one guess...

i recived that mail too from p@rty and it seem to me like probably most of us that this is totally bS. Their reason of doing that is to prevent 3rd party sites traching youre activity ,they also add is no hacking issue or someting else ,but for me this is a totally lie .I alos play on 888 and they did someting else regarding tracking sites as you can see in photo added.
Those tracking sites are only informative ,non malicious . They do track you but only with p0ker softwear accord . Does not help you more then observing at the table what kind of players are you agains to.

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Right there with you!
I volunteer for SharkScope, I mostly just like to track my own stats, I rarely look up other players, sometimes I will look up suspected cheats, to see if they really were 'lucky', or if their, let's say 'counterintuitive' play has been systematically rewarded, and sometimes friends to compare stats.
Which of these do you think sites / players want to avoid?
And, dammit! Making solid notes is one of the best ways an actual player can get an edge. P@rty destroyed years of work for all their legit players with last years mandatory name change, and now again!? Are they absolutely ignorant to how much they are hurting legit/ helping dishonest players?

PS Hey Tiger, you've been here 10 yrs! Nice!
(right behind you)

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last year and in 2019 Party Poker caught more bots and there are a few threads with this thing. I wrote here a few years ago that i can't make money because of bots, but paradoxically i received a negative vote. This is happening in many rooms and the victims are us. Something needs to be changed in all rooms, to prevent these ugly things from happening again.

party poker has changed a lot and you need to report any dubious player when something bad happens. Eventually you can take some pictures with dubious hands. Many bots have disappeared, but it is very difficult for this room to detect them all, if the players do not report strange situations.

when partpoker announced ihad to change my name i picked this name :


reason...i never ever got any free money when i opened an account at their platform...when i asked support why i did not get 25euro free .they told me i have played games at their gamesplatform in the past and thats why i was not eligible...pppffffff

You are too much angry on party poker as I see!even you cant play at other sites also,you are only angry on them!

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