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Why change a name? To Hide, of course!

Regular players will notice that honest players try to keep the same/similar name. Why is that...?
Why would PP do something to intrinsically benifits cheaters (siteware?}? Why make hundreds of hours of notes useless? This helps cheats maintain /regain anonymity and deletes the notes of honest players.
This makes collusion harder to discover, and hurts only honest players, thus helping 'cheaters' in yet another way. We all know %1 outs happen, but NOT frequently (thus the %1!?} and certainly not regularly to certain 'players'. All an honest player can do is make notes to help avoi these 'lucky ' players!
Players should not be allowed to change their names or run multiple accounts to hide, let alone be encouraged, nay, forced to do so. The anonymous sit-n-go lobbies have the same effect, hurting honest and helping cheats.
Why does PP want this?
PS Bots are programs that attempt to play perfect poker, G.T.O,-ish. they are not the 'player' (siteware?} that seemingly constantly 3/4 bets garbage, only to get 'lucky', these players either have some control over, or are in fact part of, the software. Since bizarre play can in rare (RARE) cases come out successful, it is only through observation / notes, that these cheats can be accurately identified.
So who, I ask, would want remove the ability for honest players to identify cheating?

I had to change my nick name in a poker room only once, when the legislation changed. It was for 888 and that's it. Another time i gave up a name between full tilt and pokerstars. I had to stay with one name / account, because these rooms merged.

lol ,i actually gave same name ,but now ,getting to you re point all together about tags and notes and bots .I mean ,even if we notice someting suspicious about a player on pp ,we can t bassicaly track that one by ctrl+f on ps or manually on 8.8.8 & even if we report it ,it wouldn t count without factual proofs cuz they have a ''team who do that part'' ,BUT you re right ,at least we can do isto avoid those ''players'' in cash tables because we tagged them .Now we start again from point 0 on notes & tags

I also had to change the table-name , alias is it called ? I do not have problem with this , ofcourse I would prefer a programm by PP to run at the same time with the software and identify Poker Tracker or other programms which for PARTYpoker are not welcomed anymore , so as to pretect the integrity of the game . So many shared noted via datamine sites or between frieds and co-study players in sites or in private rooms lol . I have no problem mnimising this cheating threat ,

I wish PS and other poker rooms do the same , maybe forbid all programms while you play a session , game over for ''some we agree'' ''some we do not '' some only offline'' etc etc . Lets stop the b******t , as if GTO game strategies and shove/fold charts plans were not enough , we have also the programms running on the SAME PC , very soon analysing the hands and providing solutions , this hs to stop . Recreational players have already started to sniffing the scam side of this and they dont bite the cheese anymore imo . not as much as it used to be in the past .

I like to change my name in poker rooms but the level, points or something else must remain. It is not beautiful when changes are made and many good things are lost. The idea of changing nicknames is good, because your opponents don't know you anymore.

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