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Oh my dear golly-miss molly.
I had 428 shots for safe, saw today, that 30 is prize and i had some spare time.
I used random number generator to create 428 random numbers and got myself ready to make some serious typing.
And what do you see, sixth try was right number and i took it down , for the first time in my life.
Thanks, BRM and i wish same luck for other users.

you were very lucky to hit so fast, but you can try when that prize is 40 dollars, because it is the most hunted prize. I tried in the last 19 months and i missed many times with a lot of mob shots. Sometimes i have the impression that i was set not to hit. Anyway, congratulations for your prize and good luck in future.

Very nice when you crack it with very few shots, how about giving it a go for today. The prize is $50!!! Big Smile good luck anyone going for it.

$50 seemed a nice prize to go after . I read here about this . I tried my shots , I should have bought some , 100 for sure , but didn't , cause I lost it , what numbers I had input , this time I hadnt written them down , bad choice . Next time I will try very few ynique specific numbers , all others will be better chosen , more easily to input and get over very soon , 120-125 , 220-225 , etc , 150-160 ,250-260 etc kinda of , that way I wont lose account of what I have input , and finish very fast lololol

I'll probably try in a few months. Now i have 150 mob points and up to 400, i still have to wait a period, because i'm not so lucky to win faster through a mob calendar. My luck is gone and i win prizes less often than in the past, but another member who criticizes and offends many members also won even 13 awards in a month.

BankrollMob Forum » Mob Games » Unbelievable safe shortstory

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