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Aztec Warrior (Dragon Gaming)

Embark on an adventure back in time that takes you to the peak of the Aztec Empire - the theme of the latest slot game release by Dragon Gaming, Aztec Warrior! Meet Itzli, the last warrior of his tribe! Known as a fierce tribe of warriors, Aztecs were remembered for smelting gold and creating wonderful art pieces. The Aztec Warrior slot emphasizes that art through a variety of masked characters[...]   Read more » Aztec Warrior (Dragon Gaming)

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must say that I dont know much about this company,but they could some better video to show us how this slot will look like and what he can offer and to show just this animation,from which we dont know much!
as I see from this text,it have 10 lines and look like every slot with books,that you will get free spins with 3 scatter and then you will get one symbol that will expand!

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this slot game is a great one if it offers such winnings and his RTP is very good. I played a little casino two days ago and lost, but that's not important. I hope that i will win something good in the future and that slots are really starting to attract me.

ofcourse that he will not play this casino game,because he dont play in casino!
too bad that they didnt offer us something better with this video and to see how everything will look!
I am a lot now on my domestic casino site,they offer pragmatic and other games,but probably this one they will not have,because its not some big slot company!
maybe on unibet or party casino I will try!

this slot game seems too simplistic for me because others games are much more complicated, but it is important to play in the hope that one day we will win something good or even more consistent. Last week i lost some dollars but i will continue, to see if there will be luck.

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I will play this slot game again because it has a good RTP and interesting prizes. I like his idea, even and if i don't win anything, i would be happy to enjoy it. Some slots are nice and we can sometimes relax in them. If we are lucky, it is even better.

I played this game but again without success. I think it can be much better if they change the payment methods, because the game is quite pleasant. It is not an extraordinary slot, but if they work on certain things, they can have a better succes.

the nice part when you play this slot game or others is to be relaxed because when you are nervous you have to take a break so as not to aggravate the situation ... I have seen some players who destroyed slot machines just because they were not calm at that moment. However, this game is a pleasure to play.

this game seems very interesting and too attractive to be avoided. You can't miss it if you are a slot player, and for that we need to play our chance. The prizes are fine and here we can talk about a risk but also about the pleasure of playing because it is a quality slot.

I need to be a more versatile warrior in this slot game to keep myself longer and make a good wager. I played 3 slots these days and I lost $ 50. Next time I will try this one because it was listed, but I have to make another deposit to try and win something for the first time in slot games.

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