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5 Great Reasons to Check out Booi Casino

Tired of your old online casino site and want to try out something new? There's no shortage of online casino sites out there, and if you are looking for one that carries a ton of wonderful exciting games and more, then Booi Casino is worth checking out! Booi was first launched in February 2019. Though relatively new, they have already gained a good reputation as one of the best online casino sit[...]   Read more » 5 Great Reasons to Check out Booi Casino

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dont know much about this casino,probably lot of members dont know anything about them,but its good to read that they have over 3000 games from 49 providers!they are just over two years old,so this dont tell much to us and licence in on curacao which ofcourse is different then we have europe licence!

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I heard about this casino from this site, but i didn't see it in the poker room software when i open at the sections for slot games or others. I don't think he has a license in my country and i can't say more about Booi Casino. I hope it exists in many countries.

ofcourse another stupid post from this members,who talk about poker site and how he cant find it on site!
its casino site,we have that in headline,but ofcourse he always ask for something that not exist!
every day few stupid post we have to read here!

A frustrated person does not know how things are in Romania but he speaks and offends all members at any time, without suffering anything because he is favored by BRM. I suppose
as certain members who comment here disappeared exactly because of him. Anyway, i play what i can or what i want and hope to play also in the Booi casino. I am looking to play only at 1-3 permanent casinos and i have between 10 and 20 variants.

you dont play any casino games in your life and not on any big site,so now you will start on some that is open for only two years,wow how many lies you can tell and write trough one year,that just incredible!
from all big site,that have licence in europe,malta and UK,there is no need to register on any site on curacao!

There are some alliances that make it possible for some casinos to run elsewhere and then i can play if i want to invest money in casinos. I have invested a few times so far and lost, but there was not much money and sometimes i had bonuses. Anyway, it's good to play where there are good chances to win.

This post by Nelson1712 has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
What terms and conditions are we talking here. You mean in general or only when you opt for bonuses, free spins or other free gifts? We can play at any time without accepting any gift, if we deposit some money directly and after that will be much easier.

finally somebody who will write some informations about this casino!we can see that there are much better casinos then this,but some member must think how this is great casino,even have licence on curacao!

Hm interesting i try this casino just demo games and i think they give me some free spins. Allot of games to try and all what casino needs. But there are things like others said just 2 years old and cuaracao license. For now i don't trusth them with my own money. Othewise i think it's solid room.

check through bankrollmob how solid and serious this casino is, and after that you will realize if your money is safe or not. This should always be done with any casino that offers games.
Don't be so scared, because the check will make you to decide how serious is Booi Casino.

BankrollMob Forum » News » 5 Great Reasons to Check out Booi Casino

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