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What other payment method would you like Bankrollmob to use so that us  0   
Guys, how many of you would agree to Bankrollmob implementing a Cryptocurrency payment system?
The development of world trade, which has grown rapidly with globalization has an impact on the influence on payment systems. The need for speed, comfort and security in financial transactions arises and hence the search for a reliable and easy payment system for the users of this magnificent page was born.
what do you think about this proposal? Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

Litecoin, Ethereum is Good Idea Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I really dont care. Crypto is probably thing to stay alive in future, but why would you take currency, which can be at one price today and 20% lower in one day. One tweet from Elon Musk and your 5000 points become 3600 by the time you get your payout.
You can take the money with PayPal and use it to buy crypto, is my opinion.

Posted by pokkerimees:
One tweet from Elon Musk and your 5000 points become 3600 by the time you get your payout.

... or your 5000 points became 8000 Cool

(Disclaimer: Invest with caution and always do your own research)

Yes, and then you request payout and its down 50% with those 2 weeks
Big Smile
Well , i dont mind if you guys add that option, until Paypal is still available.

like other member say,its not something that is secure and that you will know what amount you will get on end and ofcourse its bigger job for BRM to make this kind of transacation and to stay only on one crypto currency!
on this way euro and dollars are almost same odds every day,so you can know what you will get,with crypto you dont know!

Yes btc and other coins are not bad idea at all. I would also like if their would be more options like neteller or ecopayz or maybe more rooms to get your money on. But at the if am looking obcetivly i am happy that we can even get somethin for little work. Therer are not many sites like this no more, se keep up good work brm. Thumbs Up

Litecoin is good
It has an approximate commission of $ 0.041 and requires 12 confirmations (high degree of security) which takes 30 minutes before the transaction is confirmed.

The options that BRM offers now are good enough imo , I like especially the skrill option , as PartyPoker is not offered directly in my country , but Bwin is ,
if it was possible to transfer my points directly to Bwin it would be good Smile
Now I will do it manually on Monday/Tuesday to Bwin , waiting to see some good bonus casino offers those days , cause now it has no deposit casino offer Sad half of the money , the other went to two other sites , in one of them I will never play again , rediculous session lasted 5 min ?? lol

As for cryptocurrency , imo it's risky in comparison to hard cash $$$$ , and I do not understand why some ewallet providers are so strict with papers , documents etc etc (coinbase for example) . I still do not understand what the f*** they want to approve my account , lol I mean the idea of cryptocurrency wasn't to be able to have more freedom in transactions , less state bureaucracy ?? am I missing sth ??

this would set some new rules,if they will offer crypto for cashouts,so on this way its faster and more secured for every member!you get on your skrill or party poker and then you do whatever you want,will you make cashout on visa,will you make deposit on some site or you will buy crypto!
but all of you are right,that we have more options for cashout before,when times were normal!lot of people used neteller,but now we are happy that we have this two options!
antonis you are right about this,crypt should be free,but then other ask you for lot of other things!

Like I said in other topic - cryptocurrency offers anonymous but may lead to laundering cash.
Deposits or cashouts like now (monebookers etc) require ID to prove identity.
What about Bitcoin / Litecoin? You may launder cash too easy.
The big fishes & mafias only wait to accept Bitcoin everywhere - they will make their cash clean so easy. It's pretty hard to track them, and with some transactions in crypto wallets it will be almost impossible to track illegal activities.
Eg, in Poland, all transactions above 15k EUR are checked automatically by the organ named GIF, and you must register it, and prove legality of your cash.

we ordinary people are checked, but politicians are no longer checked, even if they cannot justify their fortunes. If i work and pay taxes, then i shouldn't be controlled anymore. Normally, these virtual currencies must be used to avenge our governments, but in the end they will invent solutions to verify these virtual currency .

Why not, any method of payment can only be useful, it can't harm. Smile

you're right, and everyone does it at their own risk. I would still opt for money that makes me more stable and less on virtual currencies, because i'm not a big player and i'm happy to use dollars or euro and the bank does the conversion directly when i make deposit.

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maybe it would be good to buy something for it,but as we had news for party poker,how they will put this kind of paying method for russian players,but it will have 4 % fee on their cashout,which is very high and you will pay a lot to them and on end you will not know how much bitcoin will worth,when you finish some tournament!
so its hard to expect that BRM will put this kind of cashout method,because nobody know what you can get or not on end!

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who know how things work in other countries and who would have chance to have payment with crypto or to send!
BRM must offer something that all of us can use it!

Crypto currenciess like i said before. And to my mind come something else too. Maybe some amazon, ebuy gift cards or something like this. For me personal skrill is still the best, but would not have nothing against if they add some biggest crypto curencies or other poker rooms.

this what you say is I think even better option,because this gift cards have same value and you need to think how much something will worth till your money come,but with crypto you will never know how much you will get,will you get more or less and I think its just big work for BRM to make this kind of cashouts and too much risk for everybody!

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