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ADMIN why I cant make posts after this FEMALE member???  0   
ADMIN please tell why the hell I cant make posts after this female member who only spam every day,but "she" can make posts after me?I get message that I can reply in this thread,but as we can we see posts after mine!
so why you have different rules for all members,even I had argument for every post,had screenshots of stupid and wrong posts from "hers" side,but you didnt want to react on it!one day "she" say one thing,next days totally opposite and you want to have this kind of members at forum?
so if "she" will have last post in every thread,I will not have option to write anything on forum?will need to make new thread every day?
on end whats most important,we can see how many people are back on forum,even those who didnt write for years and all of this happend when donk didnt write for 4 or 5 days anything,they did back and made lot of posts!
forum is just different and better know,at least it was till yesterday,when we have again posts from "her"!

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Who is "she"? lol

calicul Big Smile

I think admin has more important stuff to do then deal with this issue. If you dont like Caliculs posts, why dont you just skip them.?

as I said in my first post,I cant reply after this member,so if this will be case in every thread,where I will write on forum?

Yes, that is a problem.
But honestly, for me it seems you brought that problem on yourself. Atleast that way it looks to me, like random bystander. It seems , that you just cannot stand calicul and hes posts, so you make ugly comments about hes posts. I dont see others complaining about hes posts, but i havent investigated that problem much too, so maybe im wrong.
And im not taking anybodys side here, its not my problem, i just give you my view.
For example, the title of your thread is not polite at all. It sounds more like you are looking to offend.

I advice you the same thing like others did and i am not standing anyone sides too. If you don't like him, just ignore him Dule is not worth waste of your time. I would like for that forum to be different too, that we help each other more and make posts not just for points , but it is what it is. Let it go Dule this is going on too long.

I will try to answer both of you in one post!
no matter what I think about this member,its problem that I cant reply after "her" and "she" can after me,which is wrong,because I can find lot of bad words from other side to me!
how I didnt react on any of you like that?because any of you dont lie,dont write wrong informations to other members,dont know anything about subject in news,who cant read what is in news,who say that play casino games,even we all know that "she" dont play,who write how party poker is great site and every news that we have from them is great promotion,but cant even register on that site!
I had evidence for every of my post,had lot of screenshots how "she" say one thing today,another tomorrow!even I will have problems because of that,I dont want to give somebody chance to ruin this forum with lies and thats why I do whole time this!just cant stand that somebody write wrong things to other members,when he dont know anything about lot of things!
last evidence of everything that I am talking about is thread about italy wins uefa euro 2020....,where in last post we have comment how england missed 4 penalties,even all of us know that they missed only 3 penalties!even in headline you have that result was 3:2 in penalties,if you didnt watched game,but we all know that "she" made post every day in news about euro,about bets on final,that lost "30 dollars" and so on and on end you dont know who missed penalties!
but this is just small thing about posts from this member!

and ofcourse now I have problem,I cant write in last 10 thread which we normal news and lot of us write in this,because she have last post on it!so I will need to write in some old thread or to wait new in news section to open it or just to open my new thread about something!cant write a single word in this threads!

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First, According to calicul's profile, the member is a "he". Why are you calling him a "she" and "female"?

Second, I just tested and he cannot post in threads after you. It's possible that it has worked once or twice because of some edge case. But it's the same for both of you; you cannot post in the thread after another.

The reason? Because we are TIRED of WASTING time moderating you. So now it's simple; you cannot reply to each other.

Posted by dule-vu:
so I will need to write in some old thread or to wait new in news section to open it or just to open my new thread about something!

I don't understand this at all. Why do you NEED to write in old threads? Why can't you just.... simply, not write? Or if you have so much to say, you're welcome to create an off-topic thread that you can post your thoughts in (as long as you obey to our forum rules of course).

No,its not same for us,look hers posts,from last days!she made post every time after me,I know what I am talking about!I cant,she can!
So if she will only write on forum,I cant reply in any of them,only if I post news!
She made post every day after me,some day all 5 posts after me in same day!
Dont understand whats differen can we post after each other or after some member,when we can still write in sam thread!
My post in Vr gaming topic,my post is at 17.,from this member n 18.,unibet jackpot unibet thread,my post at 18.,member made yesterday and so on...

Edited by dule-vu (22 July 2021 @ 18:54 GMT)

Why do you call him “she”?

You can still post in same thread. But not directly after each other. Once you reply here, I will test a theory.

Edited by Administrator (22 July 2021 @ 19:32 GMT)

You can find in at least 10 threads that this member made post after me,I know what I am talking about!
Hexa pro unibet thread from 20.,unibet starburst xxxtreme thread and so on...

This post by admin_test has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
I see. Will investigate.

Why do you call him “she”?

This member has many frustrations and serious problems.
He always comments on members when he doesn't like something.
Is the saboteur of the BRM, because offends members for more than two years.
Has the impression that i come with lies, but it is not true and he has a personal problem with me or with other members of this site.
He believes that is the owner of this site.
In the match between Italy and England i accidentally pressed 4 instead of 3 and he started screaming like at the insane asylum.
Promotions and other things are different depending on the country, but he is very confused.
I didn't give any wrong information, but he manipulates execrabil.
Many members leave this site because of its insults.
He ruined the forum every day with his insults or unnecessary comments and from my point of view it should be permanently banned.
He doesn't have to complain about threads comments anymore, because he is the culprit "who restricted himself."
If he didn't offend in every day, he would have commented without restrictions now, but maybe it's better in that way.
I understand you're tired and you're right, but if he was punished from the first time for his insults, he was no longer crying here like a real woman.
Now he has received a life lesson from you and he should be happy with that, not to cry like a woman.
Admin, I sent an email with my answer

You two simply have to stop making comments to each other. It’s amazing why you cannot just stop that. It’s what we are trying to do by preventing both of you from replying when the other has last post in a thread. If they doesn’t work, I guess next step is to prevent ANY replies in a thread where the other has already wrote.

I have seen that nick calicul many in the poker rooms if I remember correctly, it is everywhere, hehehehe

Admin, i will explain to you in private after i send an message, because i found out exactly how i was able to write messages after this member, who always offends. I hope you understand my English well in email, because it's hard to send a picture here.
Nelson, i have no accounts with the Calicul. I had one in the past, but now is closed.

Admin, please confirm if you received the email sent about 5 minutes ago, because he didn't show me, that he was sent.

Edited by CALICUL (23 July 2021 @ 15:45 GMT)

I did not receive. If you send it using Mob Mail. Try again.

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