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Good night, I'm writing to see who we are who are around here. I think I am clear to you, but it would be good if new faces began to appear, or old ones, but commenting more often. Before, poker hands were discussed, and today I don't see any of that.
I do not comment on other games, because I am not such a fan, but if it is to move the forum, I join.
So come on, introduce yourself and write! Big Smile Big Smile

what you want is hard, because people had time for speak about poker few years ago. Now they do something else and are bored to talking about poker. We only talk about the subject of threads

Yes, a shame really. I see few faces around here, always the same. And sometimes they are fighting each other haha.
I don't want to be a part of it.
But hey, the idea is that more people show up around here. I hope that as the days go by, other people around here start to write.
I have also created another thread, related to the site, as there are many users who I think do not know everything they can find in BRM.

Would like to see some old members!

For now, the same old faces have appeared, counted on the fingers of the hand, but I hope that as the days go by the forum begins to move more.
During the weekend I will try to create new threads, on different topics so that we can participate in the forum on different topics, beyond just commenting on the news that BRM uploads.
I trust that more people can show up, even if it takes time

we will see, if members will come or not in threads

You have to give it time. I was expecting today to meet some comments from new people, but I think it was quite utopian. But I'm not disappointed, I think that over time, no matter how long it takes days, weeks or maybe more, someone will show up.
If it surprises me that with what online gambling has grown, so many people have disappeared from this site. I was missing for a while too, so it may be something that happens from time to time, and then "the bug bites us" to re-enter the site.

In general people are too busy with their hobbies, but i hope to come more. The future will speak.

I also think that there is something that affects a lot, in my opinion, and it is the fact that they are written in very old threads, which should be archived by now, due to their age. As that does not happen, and users write in those old topics, the new threads are lost in the forum.
So in principle let's try to keep the thread, in case some user decides to appear.

You cant explain people that they should write in some new threads,instead to spam in threads which are from last year!but when I write about it,they say that I am crazy!this threads should be locked!

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