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Hello you, did you know?
I am writing to you, dear mobster that you only log into BRM to find freeroll passwords, or that you only open the calendar doors to get some points, shots for the safe, or tickets for the Sunday lottery. Did you know that here at BRM there is more than that?
Here you can find many promotions from different poker rooms, bingo, casino and sports betting. And many without depositing a dollar.
Did you know that by writing often, you add points, and that once you reach 5000 ($ 50), you can request a withdrawal of money?
Did you know that here they are always announcing promotions of those rooms that I mentioned before?
Well, start exploring BRM more, and you will find many opportunities!

Nice post Thumbs Up

Nice post Worship

You are right, because there in BRM are many beautiful things , and users can search to find. Cool

Thanks for your comments. It is a thread created to help a little those who do not know everything that BRM offers.
And we are here to help you with any questions you may have. Hopefully other faces will begin to be seen around here, albeit little by little.
I will create new threads as the days go by, so we can talk about other topics as well.
Let's move this! And have fun

I think there were more chances, if some members were not offended by a member. In the last year, there were a few members who left the forum because of him...

Well let's hope that doesn't happen. I think that even if some get on badly with each other, it is not a sufficient reason to give up altogether. There are other users with whom one can share thoughts. And obviously at some point it is possible to have contradictions with other mobsters.
It is quite normal, and you have to have the maturity to know how to handle it, and let it go. After all, we are here to have fun.

Contradictions exist, but he is a member who insults and swears. This is not good. He is the member who sabotages me and several members left BRM threads because of him. He has no limits...

I understand, but let's try to leave it out of this thread. Let's not distort it, because the idea of it is lost. let's leave those things in the past

Ligador dont waste time on wrong member!

I try to avoid problems like these and you should do the same. Just ignore what the other is doing. Well, otherwise you may be discouraging other users, because they are fighting among you in different topcs. I think there is no need.
Let's focus not on what matters, which in this case is to attract people to participate in the forums again.
Cheers to you both!

Yes,but I cant stand when somebody lie,write wrong informations and dont know anything about games,threads!even when I give evidence and post,he will change things!I know that I am right and that he ruin this forum!look how he write in threads that are from last year,just to have his last post on page and he answer on own posts!
Just a spammer and nothing more!

Precisely in another thread I was commenting something about it. I think writing on old topics is not helping. I think people can get tired of reading old news (like Maradona's death for example) and not post anything in the forum, because new threads are lost in the forum.
If we always write in old topics, the others go to the queue of the forum. I try to avoid writing on those topics that I think no longer contribute much.

We all know who is that member who spam like this,instead to write in so many new threads!

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