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How good are you at poker?

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How good are you at poker?  0   
Please try to honestly answer the survey, based on your own opinion of your own perceived current skill level (not where you see yourself after some more training or in 2 years time or with some extra luck etc.)..

All survey answers will be treated in-confidence, I am only interested in the meta-data.

However, also feel free to post forum replies detailing your self-given score and or your thinking behind that and or anything else that you feel may seem relevant.

Thank you all in advance for your contributions.


I wasn't too insistent on learning strategy, and since the blinds shortened in most small and medium tournaments i became a weaker player. I don't lose so easily but i don't win too often for withdrawal. I put # 5 About Average because is the truth. Smile

I am not a player who is dedicated to this, that is to say, a professional player by no means. anyway I think I can be above average.
I play little time actually, but if I'm not mistaken I have a decent ROI and% ICM.
I have achieved an interesting prize given the buy-ins that I play. I never won, for example, a 4-figure prize, but I have managed to collect that money.
I would have to review courses again to continue improving.

Ligador, it's better than losing money, i think. Blink

I am bleeding in my poker because of shove/fold weaknesses and leaks in my games . Poker nowadays ... You shove with 4.5 blinds a hand you win , you shove it with 7 blinds from the same position lets say with no other action before you and same stack sizes , you do not win , lol

poker is poker, but I hate it when some players push all in with A 4 and win in front of A K. They are pathetic

Probaby average now,because I play only casino games now!

I could be a better player but my main obstacle is not the players. The softwares is my enemies number 1 and because of him i don't have much confidence in making more money from Texas Hold'em. All the time since i play poker, this inconvenience did not leave me.

Few years ago I was much better!

Hi guys, thanks for the votes and replies.

My 2c on the comments above.

A few years ago even the better players played, on average, a lot worse, there is now so much up-to-date training based on GTO ranges that both make sense and chips in ~42%+ situations and the GTO players now make up 15-20% of the better player who are treating each tournament as a part of their long term game, i.e. not overly invested or worried about single tournament results (unlike me, passionate, nitty bastard that I am) and the shove-fold is similar, they never miss an opportunity to try to run up a smallish stack, all-in-all, it means players trying to play well either need a bit of an extra edge on their hands and therefore miss-out on chips or opportunities or have to grab their balls and try to do the same with smaller and smaller edges, neither of which is ideal (esp. for nitty me). Playing deep stack along the lines above and staying fairly deep, gives a lot more wiggle and playing room and on average should/can/may provide reasonable results.

A comfort may be playing an 8-handed, 800 player tournament you will only hit final table 1% of the time, any better results than that you are a star!

Lastly, I do try to study at least 20 minutes or so most-every day, it sometimes helps, sometimes hinders, until you fully understand the new concept and implications on your own individual game, 2 steps forward, 1 step back sort-of-thing.

Gl mobsters
3p out (for now)

we didnt have some voting for such a long time!nice to have some change!

Hm i think i am above average level of players that i am playing with. I am playing micros and small buy in tournaments and i am winning player. But if we talk higher stakes i don't think i will be still winning. Din't climb up the limits for long now, i will take some shots before new year and let's see.

I need to get my Pokerstars account back and i'll try there in the coming months, because it has more players and i hope to have success there. I hope to write here about a possible luck if he comes.

I think I am from a player line quite similar to yours. I think it is quite essential to play in tournaments in which one feels comfortable and has studied well.
the first levels of the tournaments, for me, are key. especially in KOs, where many players go all in with rubbish hands in order to get the bounty (risking their own buy-in, which I sometimes don't understand).
I hope to read more about your game.

I will study at the tables. Good luck Smile

I tried to play one tournament in every day and to do a calculation after a month. I wanted to see if it was profitable or not, but it was just a waste of time and that's it. I did not lose or win. After that i decided to play satellites every day and to qualify for major tournaments. I only made a little money there, i took a long break, but this winter i will start again.

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Posted by ligador37:
especially in KOs, where many players go all in with rubbish hands in order to get the bounty (risking their own buy-in, which I sometimes don't understand).

Hi ligador37, bounty tournaments have different maths behind when it is correct to call or even shove and put pressure on the smaller stacks, and the values change as the tournament progresses.
As an example say you got short and have 1,000 chips left our of a 5,000 stack and the bounty value is 50% of buy-in (less rake) your current stack is worth 20% of your buy-in, however your stack and bounty is worth 70% of total buy-in, therefore calling you down with ~14% EV or more is almost correct, hence lots of s**t goes down (SGD).
The maths above is not logical and other would say the bounty is worth approx 5 times stack at this point, (which makes 120%?? impossible?) which means even more calls? (SGD II)

and as, as per above, the values change as the tournament progresses.
FYI: I do not like bounty tournaments and very rarely play them for just such reasons.

Good luck mobsters
3p out

Bounty tournaments are good for players who are more aggressive, because they manage to raise more, the stack grow and there will be no problem in eliminating some players to get the reward. These games are preferred by many gamblers because these players have the chance to recover their buy-in before ITM and after that they try to hit more money.

Interesting poll. This thread deserves to be sticky at the top for a while Smile

It would be good if other members will vote!

it can become more interesting if the players talk

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