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who now a new p;oker site for dutch p;layers every site has blocked me now for the nem rules but there no new pokersite to poker now for me who nows a new site ??

You can reply in first thread!dont need to open another one...

do you now one to poker for dutch no deposit>>>??

Here are the sites for Dutch residents per 1oktober 2021 whre they can play online poker.

1. GGpoker (thats where im gonna open an account)
2.Holland casino online (owner is Dutch government)
3. fairplay casino's ( used to offer slotmachines only in their reallife caino's
4.Jacks's Casino's (used to offer slotmachines only) in reallife casino's
5. Batavia casino
6. Bet365

these are a few who will get their licenses...GGpoker and holland casino are active from 1rstof oktober...others seem to get online in coming week or even later this month.

hope i informed you guys you will have a platform to bet/playpoker
for now im gonna figure out where i will open an account...GGpoker looks most promising to me..but i will visit allthose sites to see what they offer in formats/traffic.

Yeah,best answer will give somebody from your country or you can just try to enter on some site!

Pokerstars will be out of Dutvh market for at least one year , because so long , so many years it was operating in Holland without licence . I do not know which other poker rooms have also been forced to leave Holland , it's sad , but on the bright side Dutch players have other options . I didn't know GGpoker is already available , I thought it would take one two months , that's very good !!!

thats also not for dutch players and no no -deposit offer for free monet who nows a new site for dutch with no deposit offer??

now you are bit boring with this!dont you read any posts from other members?you got list from other member from netherland,how you can play and if you want something other,just go on poker site and see will it be open!if page is blocked you will know!on some maybe they will open page,but you will not be allowed to register!
its up to you to find out this,not that we can find to you!

I did research and tried to create an account,,non of those i mentioned have their pokerplatforms ready and running,,we have to be patient..all they offer today is gambing on slts / sports/ tablegames. Disagree

But you must search and find this!you cant expect that we know this problem,when you have it for only few days!

I wonder the Star of the Stars , the most successful and well known streamer poker pro Lex Veldhuis from where he is going to play now , immigrate maybe in Belgium , Denmark ?? Anyway , these countries are very close , it's easy to go and play there imo if you're a pro , ofourse everyday routine and family life will change somehow , but what can we do ....

Ha,ha,so if they close another market,he will need to move again?what this goverment do to us,they will close everything!
And thats free europe...

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