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should I have played these hands differently?  0   
Yesterdays bad beats. Would you have played these hands differently?

Final table Absolute Poker's 5,000 credit freeroll 3,6XX players final eight
Blinds 40,000 80,000 ante 2,000
Middle position
700,000 or so chips
hole cards AA

second to act makes it 100,000 to go.
folds to me
I reraise to 350,000
folds to early position
reraises me all in
I call.

Early position shows 44
flop 10 4 Q rainbow
turn 7
river J


Bodog 3.30 turbo 9 seat s&G

Blinds 50 100
small blind
1,300 chips
hole cards 5 2 off suit (SB)
first to act calls bb
folds to me
I call bb
bb checks.

flop 5 2 10
first to act raises 300
I reraise all in for 1,000 more
bb folds
First to act turns over ten jack
turn queen
river queen


What do you think did I overplay these hands.
I got the chips in with the best hand.


IMO 1st hand was played fine and I would have played it the same.

2nd hand I would have just folded pre flop, 5,2 off really is a junk hand with very little potential and even when you hit a flop it often still very vulnerable ( as you found out ) As such the great pot odds ( 5to 1 ) don't count for much and 50 chips is a descent portion of your stack that could be better invested else where.

Others may disagree as most of the people I play always seem to complete the small blind especially when the odds are good but playing crap hands out of position always seem to be a good way to burn chips.

1st hand. You have less than 10BB so i would have pushed all in preflop in this situation. Betting only half your stack should alarm your opponents.

2nd hand. Don't waste chips on 52o. And bottom 2pair proved to be a treacherous hand again. Evil

no problems with the first hand, i would have played it the same, you were done bye bad luck, second hand, the only mistake you made was playing it, just fold rubbish like that. Blink

First of all i wouldent be playing AP :}, but thats just unlucky, nothing wrong,1st hand.
2nd, id off called, FTA didnt represent a hand and i might have even took it pr-flop, yes with that crap :}, but depending on players, but normally with 2 pair on flop you would win around 1:7 so yer IMO worth it, unlucky again. Ev on the hand is bad so a easy fold too.

oh i didnt see you were playing on absolute poker, that changes everything, you shouldnt be dissapointed in either hand as im sure they paid the loser anyway.

no bad play first hand i mean AA on a final table and a caller thats is what we want with this hand you can`t do something other in this spott

second hand you have 10 BB so okay it`s maybe a bad call preflop
but at the flop u musst go a-i he had top pair kicker jack his moving a-i call was quiet bad in this spott normaly he musst think that he is beaten here because u will not go reraise him a-i with a bad hand so hi kicker jack is just bad

BankrollMob Forum » Hand Histories » should I have played these hands differently?

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