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Milan_Timko, i'm just a novice in slots and my experience is small, but i like some of slots games that i played with real money or for free, to see how it is. Sometimes i spent 10, 15 or 20 dollars but without luck. That garbage blocked my answer because he is a frustrated vagabond and he doesn't know what he is talking about me. He has no way of knowing what games i play. I couldn't answer you in that Bounty Belles thread, because i can't comment after this rejection of humanity. He can't post after me. We were restricted... I opened older threads because he blocks all my threads. Every time when the google translator makes a mistake, he accuses me, because my English is not good. I knew when in the USA gambling were closed, when it was the big scandal in Black Friday. I knew that New Jersey is a state who managed to open gambling after Black Friday but the translator put the city... Do not believe in what this specimen says because he doesn't know me. His interest is different and he offends everyone, including the site and the administrators. He is an old member, but every time when he accumulates points for withdraw he becomes anxious and desperate to receive the money. He opens new threads or writes in the old ones... to ask and beg for money. He is an unscrupulous ungrateful man and he pretends not to know that sometimes we have to wait 2-3 weeks for money. He knew very well but a desperate man that he has no respect for anyone. Then he says there are no problems after receiving an answer. I think he takes drugs because he has the same behavior.

Haha i noticed it Big Smile He has to find something to amuse himself. Don't distract you. Ignoring it thé best way to hit him back.
Thanks for the asnwer Thumbs Up

and you believe something to donk,who is online 20 hours per day here?and has no money to play any real money game?

Do i believe. No. I'm not religic. Church has always been something dark for me. Since i was a little boy. After thé years you hear those stories about some priest what they did with children. All for the love of God. Hm no i think not. That's not the way i Wanne believe in something. Just living me life. Without believing what others think what's right and what is not.

thats not what did you write in first post,but ok!especially to amuse and hit back....

I don't take any blame for that. I also don't argue with someone about someone Else. I don't Know the person. I don't Know you, but thé way that's been talking about eachother is wrong. We all giving the negative so much attention. Instead we have to put our energy in positieve things. Make the world a better place. We are here for thé same reason i think.. and if not, leave it. Or if you don't like it just look passed it.

you dont tak side,but you answer in first post that I need something to amuse myself,but you dont know who is right!hm,interesting!
you dont know anything about him or what he do here,you didnt read his post in last year or two!but I dont blame you!
you can see how every last post on main page,in almost every thread is his!that say everything how he spam,just that I can write anywhere!
he made this thread at night,just that he can collect 10 points,not to say something to you!thats why he didnt made in on day,he made it 24 hours after his first post from day before!

Edited by dule-vu (14 November 2021 @ 00:28 GMT)

Relax, i Mean it's not helpfull to go in a reaction about things been said. I was also not blaming you about anything. Just to say that we just have to do our own thing. If we just leave it thé way it is, it would be thé best.
We are here for the same reason, so just write content, spread thé word.
Peace Heart

I wanted that you know that you cant believe almost anything that he say,he dont play for real money games,he dont play casino games,so he cant give you any advice about it!
I am sure that he read everything now,he is just not online that you can see him on forum!

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