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More and more parts of the financial system, the economy and media world are engaging in the crypto space, since the modern technology of blockchain is inevitable.
Online Poker is no exception: Blockchain technology gives users the advantages of decentralization (self custody of owned funds in their own wallet instead of having to trust a main entity like a poker site), among other advantages like immutability and user governance.
Sites like are yet in their startup phase regarding graphics and software features, but are able to grant their users a much larger part of their revenue than the "major" pokersites are able to.

Not only are fees way lower than on any conventional pokersite (5% instead of the usual 12% to 14% for tourneys and down to 0.25% instead of 5% for cashgames), but users can even host their own tournaments and sit 'n' gos and earn the participants fees completely into their own pockets!
On top of that players get a rakeback deal of up to 50% rakeback! Numbers only beeing heard of back in the days before the big pokerboom started in 2003.
Pokergames on are played directly in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), eCash (XEC) or Bitcoin SV (BSV) and balances are withdrawable to a wallet or to a cryptocurrency exchange portal at any time.

Additionally at the lowest stakes cashgame tables of , players get 100 satoshis for free (a small fractal of a coin, equal to one millionth of a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency) and are able to build their bankroll from there,
making them completely independent from the risks of an own investment and also independent of any currency exchange fees or deposit/withdrawal fees.
If you lose those initial 100 chips, you can reload them with a simple click once every 3 minutes. A great way to develop a playerbase, which only is possible due to the fractionalization of cryptocurrencies and would not be affordable in dollar and cent terms.
Cryptocurrencies are international after all and know no boarders and crypto pokersites seem to become serious competition to Pokerstars, Party Poker and other established companies.

On no email address is needed to be connected to it, no software installation is required. Playable simply in the browser either on a mobile device or on a laptop/PC.
Users can start earning chips by betting their initial free chips even on their first visit as guest account, having the option to assing a password to their won funds after their first session, if they wish to.
Only a crypto project would ever be able to make currency usage so simple, easy and unbinding. That are advantages and tools the "old" pokersites will not be able to compete with in the long run.

We see DEFI (Crypto Decentralized Finance) projects seriously taking away the financial market away from the banks.
Will a similar thing happen to poker?

What do you guys think about blockchain technology and poker? How will the crypto poker future look like?

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