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I want to write in new threads or to dialogue with some members about games or news here, but i don't have this opportunity because a maniac always blocks any threads. He sleeps with the phone next to him intentionally, only to hear when someone writes and after that to block as many times he can.
In every day, he can write in secondary threads without receiving an edit, but i can't for two months. Now i receive edits in main threads, but he is still free to write without editing in any thread.
In this way i can't write, if it is not unlocked, so that we can write one after the other.
When i said that he destroys the forum, or has comments where he answered himself, you said it didn't matter, but now it happens with me, just because i was punished to write after him for no reason.
I wrote in older threads because of that, not intentionally.
I can't always block him, because he writes in almost all days over 20 posts, just to sabotage me.
Almost all the doors close to me now, but not for him.
He could never sabotage me totally, but now he will receive a satisfaction, just because i always get punishments or different barriers from the administrators, even if i'm not the guilty here.
In this way, i can no longer write what i want, as you told me in yesterday's comment... in that thread... where this maniac blocked it again, even you sent a direct answer to me, not to him.
I do not want to open new threads, because in recent years i have always considered that the new threads posted by administrators, is a priority.
Merry Christmas, success and a good health

somehow we pass in 2020 and we don't know, or this worm which destroyed the forum in 2021... is very desperate to accumulate points, because i see 4 comments from 2020 and one from a year ago without a few days. I understand that we need to talk in recent threads, but what he does this inhuman, proves in everything i said... that i was right. Probably if he continues like this, in a month we will return in 2019...
Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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Same guy?


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