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didnt react in last weeks,but now its enough and hope that you will stop this crazy member with his threads,posts and everything that he do with this forum!
because of his spamming and you even warning him how he write in old thread,but his posts stayed there,even he writed whole summer and autumn in thread from end of 2020. and start of 2021. to collect 50 points every day and then he warn you because of my 10 posts from last week?
nobody reacted on that even I write about it and how he spam in such a old threads just to collect points!
because of him I cant write normal posts in thread,only when some other members write it!
he mention me every two or three days,even in xmas calendar thread,but I didnt react till now!
he dont have life,he cant earn mob points every day and now he is mad!maybe if his legs will grow again,he would be happier in life and not to have so sad life,to live on forum 24/7 and not to go from house anywhere!
he already made few posts where he insult,you didnt react,he made few threads,still no reaction,he post about nothing,nobody to stop him!he have 10000 posts about nothing,just because he spammed whole summer and autumun,to have his last post on forum!
also I want that you react on member yblod from croatia,who follow me in lot of threads and give thumbs down on lot of posts without any reason!if I dont have right to give thumbs up or down for so many years,why he should have right for it?
even when somebody give me thumb up,he give thumb down just to remove this positive vote!

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BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » admin stop this spamming...

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