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Poker Stars:Could you win a $20,000 VIP trip to Paris?  0   
Ever wondered what it’s like to live like a football legend? Here’s your chance.

The Neymar Jr Ticket Machine will be giving away exclusive ‘Live Like Neymar Jr’ packages this Sunday.

Packages are worth over $20,000 and include:
A VIP trip to Paris, designed by Neymar Jr himself
A large poker mat
Limited edition playing cards
A gold chip card protector
A signed I’M IN long sleeved tee
Play Neymar Jr Kick-Off tournaments to get your name in the draw. Get involved.

Very nice

Awesome speed speed, just shy of 300 days to reply, had me excited for a second.

How did he find this old thread. .

1. Stalking you, seeing started threads.
2. Searched for "Poker stars", rather than "pokerstars".
3. Done a deeper search for Neymar.
4. Was searching for a "package"???


Didnt mean on you,it was for speedolino,because he made 5 posts with 2 or 3 words just make 5 posts for cashout!
And thread is from january!


He revived this old thread to comment ''very nice '' lol . At least he could add one two more words '' very nice promotion '' or '' very nice Poker Stars promotion '' lol

Anyway , nowadays PS has another promotion , I take part only for fun , as I am playing zoom at the same time to practice . You can win a PSPC ticket, but the odds are very low , and for lower chests odds are even lower . I play for the extra cashback and fun , as to win such a ticket is almost impossible . But even if I won it , I think I wouldn't be able to play it lol

it happens because it's a normal thing sometimes...

With this last challenge and promotion , PokerStars rewards some PSPC packages . Very low are the odds to win it , and the lower the chest you have gotten , the lower the odds to win such a precious package . But it is not impossible. I know a player , mod in a forum , from Canada , that won such a ticket . I have never played live . If I ever won such a ticket and played live , I would lose I guess during the first 19 minutes of the live game . I must have many tells for sure besides other gameplay disadvantages.

I recovered my account at Pokerstars, but i didn't see any big changes...

I went for this last promotion , I played many spin and goes games . With these games you generate rake quickly , more quickly than the cash games . But I cannot see any good gift win in this promotion , it cost me little losses on spins but still I didn't like this. I went on tilt and lost more $$$ .now I will play only cash games , if I win sth , that will be good , if not , no problem Smile

I exchanged my chest for a lower chest , that was a good decision. I got one more chest for cashback and one more for the promotion , and now it's easier to win more chests , as the rake demanded is less per chest .

good for you Smile

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