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Someone is cheating again in the same way  0   

This croatian user placed a comment with 12 - 15 rows where he said something about Malta.
He did with copy & paste from the Battle of Malta thread), and after that he quickly edited and left this comment with one row in Mob Points thread.

4-Oct-22, 09:56 #41
write on forum,use mob games or write review for some poker or casino site.

Today he has few comments and maybe he did the same.
I did not follow, to see if it does the same with all threads for these Mob Points, because i write this thread.

More than that he destroyed all the main threads of the last months where he comments on everything with Edit..., because he want to block them quickly, to stop me.

Is the same style of accumulating points, where he cheats for several months again and he blocks all threads for me when he notices that users have written in Mob Forum.

I can't post pictures in BRM, because the format doesn't allow (too much KB at me...), but if he is not punished, for this cheating for months again..., i have a request :

BRM can unblock my comment, so that i can write after him, because this punishment is because of him, not because of me. He is the devil here, because he has been attacking me for years.

there are few members who asked me something and i couldn't answer them, because of this specimen who blocks the threads for me.

Thank you, Tony. A good day. Smile

We are not spending any time on this matter. Too much time has been spent already and at this point it's impossible to determine "who started it".

Hopefully the two of you will some day grow up and start acting like adults, no matter who started it and who the current culprit is.

I always tried to act like an adult but he continued...
I know about this, you said before, but no action is taken with his cheating, or i can't be unlocked to be able to write after him ?
I won't disturb him. I have no business with him.

If we allow for you, the other party will just come requesting the same. Then we have to give permission there as well, and then we're back to square one (as we have tried many times in the past).

As I said, we will not spend any time on this matter.

in this case, i have to adapt to this situation Smile

Yes, hopefully in a good way Smile

sure, because i don't cheat like him

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Boss macam i nak transfer point pergi slot

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BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » Someone is cheating again in the same way

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