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Please nominate categories, specific features etc. any and all poker and poker related sites for any award that seems appropriate.

Best, worst, most, least and special etc. may all be the qualifier.

I will start with...

I nominate for:

"Most annoying poker coverage" - PokerGo's youtube channel - Reasoning 1. It is nothing more than a sales pitch, just when it gets interesting the pay wall is brought down. 2. The commentators are constantly babbling, pitching and promoting when the players are talking (though if Dnags is there, the gaps are very small) 3. It takes days to get approved for a youtube sub to be eligible for their competition entries.

Note: I still watch 99% of what is available.

3p out.

Edited by 3pokeronly (10 October 2022 @ 00:22 GMT)

For me is hard to nominate anything,when I cant play on two sites,party poker and 888,on some of them I dont play at all or like on poker stars I didnt play for long time!

Bring on your nominations anyway for 888 is my guess, send them a bouquet or a brickbat.

They may read it and act on it.

I nominate Pokerstars for;

Best game selection - despite few Draw and Courchevel poker MTT's.

Most rake - by a long way, nuff said.

Edited by 3pokeronly (10 October 2022 @ 08:28 GMT)

I could say that Pokerstars, Party Poker and 888 Poker could be the best rooms to win money. Some have good tournaments and many players and here it is worth playing, if you want to win more money.

Of the big four...

Best overall customer service: Party Poker - good quick communication, they always listen and respond in a positive manner, and usually a relatively quick follow-up.

I actually do not play there a lot, so I am not sucking-up, someone else can, I suggest a BRM nom for ultimate sucking-up.


Seems that players love more party poker because of everything that they do for players!

There seems few forum bods about but anyhoo...

Of the big four...

In the following categories I nominate

Worst overall customer service: GGpoker and a dishonourable mention Pokerstars.

Worst overall Software: GGpoker

Reminder to all the posters (lol) nomination close midnight NZT.

probably worst software have 888 poker or at leaste it was 1 year ago,but from that time I cant play on this site because of country restrictions,so dont what situation is now!

Posted by dule-vu:
probably worst software have 888 poker

Possibly "Most simplistic software package", however, it meets all other needs, I do see many issues or errors, stable, standard tools work and display correctly etc. etc. and step improvements, cannot ask for much more really.

Whereas GG has huge issues pretty much across the board, which are not addressed and unengaged to improve, hence, other "Customer service" cat.

I am not seeking perfection, progress is enough, acknowledgment of any and all issues and a commitment to seek improvement via engagement, pro-actively seeking and clarifying details and impacts. Partypoker and most of the best businesses seem to do this as a matter of policy, again, in a step process and within relativity short time-frames, not so my nominations.

try Unibet Poker if you have the opportunity and it is not restricted in New Zealand. Who knows, maybe you will run into weak players and take their money. I haven't played there for a few months, but maybe you like it

Posted by 3pokeronly:

Possibly "Most simplistic software package", however, it meets all other needs, I do see many issues or errors, ....

Should of read "however, it meets all other needs, I do NOT see many issues or errors, ..."

The NOT being key to the sentence meaning!

oops from 3p

I dont know situation now,but I believe when you say this!

Now, instead of websites, instead, it seems that more information on this topic can be found on social networks. Of course, we are talking about famous poker players, or groups about poker.

We can find info everwhere!

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