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How badly did Gianni Infantino and FIFA sell themselves over WC2022?

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Politics should stay out of sport is a stance often cited, to which I and most agree. This means that sport should be independent of political pressure and political influence. Sport stars should not be asked difficult questions on politics, sometimes these question can place direct personal risk on these same stars which is unacceptable.
Contrary, Sports stars, management and associations are entitled to comment on and criticise governance, support political causes, highlight unfair and unjust situations and stances. This means sport stars can and in many cases should inject themselves into politics. This means standing up and saying xxx is terrible and is wrong, I will play there for my country under duress.
Chinese netzens usually stay "stick to what you know", if true we would all stick to suckling at our mother teats, a totally ridiculous stance that shows ignorance and tries to shut down any relevant comments.
FIFA says "FU*K YOU ALL", 11 European national associations, sent letters, advised and clarified their issues and proposed responses, FIFA ignored all of this and did not respond until the last minute with arbitrary changes with zero consultation.

As an aside: The MSM has been criticised for a double standard, re F1, 3,000 years of Euro-centric (this from a Roman!!), and more, there is no double standard, the MSM criticise everything that is even partly wrong, as they should, this World Cup had issues, more have been created by late changes, lack of communication and FIFA's money grubbing, nothing else.

you can see on even before first game that everything is about politic or how qatar want,even when they got world cup,they knewt about fifa rules and what they must allow for fans and sponsors!big thing is about beer and sponsor budweiser!fifa got money from them,only they can sell beer on tournaments and two days before qatar dont want to allow it!wtf!
other things is better not to comment,because lot of them are on table!

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