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I am just curious for clarification.
I have played the mobsafe almost every day and have yet to win.
After it has been hit and starts at $20 I always play the same number. Then I would guess different numbers after.
Now when I re-read the rules again recently the combination changes when it is not hit for a day?
I didn’t realize it changed and someone won using the combination that I had always used when it was won and then reset to $20.
They won at $40.
I thought that maybe I may have put wrong number in when the prize was $20.
Now if I understand correctly now the combination number is changed when no one hits and the prize amount is increased?

the mob safe code always changes 24 hours after the value of 20 dollars. When he goes up to 25, 30, 35, etc... he is always modified. This is the rule. When you win shots at the mob calendar, it would be good to accumulate 400 attempts in time and try then, for more chances.

Exactly, the code in the safe changes whenever its value changes. If someone guesses the code to the safe then the value in the safe drops to $20 and the code changes. Same if no one guesses the safe code for 24 hours then the jackpot increases by $5 and the code changes as well. We have 1000 code combinations. Although there may be a situation that the code will not change because it may be that the code will be the same several times in a row ..

every 24 hours new code come!

It changes every 24 hours and the pot increases the same if someone hits the pot goes down and the code changes. But it doesn't have to change because it might as well be the same winning number combination two days in a row. It can be code 000 three days in a row because each time there are 1000 combinations, if it was so that it cannot be repeated, it would mean that there are 999 combinations to enter to have a certain win..


Now at least everything is known, that is, basically the code can be different every day or vice versa, the code can be the same for several days. It's good tomex11 that you described it all so precisely, because at least I no longer have any doubts, and I had before. It's nice that people with long experience on this site help new ones Smile

of course Smile

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