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What are the Best Betting Markets for the NFL?

The NFL betting market continues to grow. In the US, there are now more locations than ever before where gambling is allowed, and in the UK, the coverage of the sport continues to grow. There was a time when you may have only been able to bet on a few markets, perhaps on big games like the Super Bowl or other playoffs. Nowadays - there is a range of different sports betting markets, and this in[...]   Read more » What are the Best Betting Markets for the NFL?

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in the USA are a lot of bets and the NFL has many followers who risk their money to win. Americans bet large amounts, but many win and this always leads to increase the number of bettors. It's good that they also have bettors in England, but maybe they will continue to expand.

Of course, NFL betting markets are most popular where the game is played most often and has the most fans. I believe that, for example, in my country this sport is not very popular and therefore the betting market is small. However, there are people who are interested in this and bet on NFL games. I agree that the largest NFL betting market is in the US and UK.

NFL is less popular here, but in Western Europe people still follow this sport and some of them even like it. With the bets in Europe, i don't know if there are so many on the NFL, but the number of bettors can increase.

I agree with you that there is probably more interest in this sport and betting in Western Europe. However, the further to the East of Europe, the interest decreases. However, individuals may still like the NFL. However, there are really few of them. Personally, I've never met anyone in my country who is interested in the NFL.

when I was younger I did watch nfl, especially when it was on national tv and it was interesting to watch few games on sundays night, but when you older you watch sports that we like in europe, football, basketball! they have fans in europe, but not as much as in usa and some other parts of world!

BankrollMob Forum » News » What are the Best Betting Markets for the NFL?

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